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We will help you in your saving journey


We’ll help you in your savings journey

Every journey starts with planning. Use this test of 3 questions for an easy start.

Do you save in the 2nd pillar pension funds?

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Good! Save responsibly for your future.

Make sure you chose to save to the maximum, i.e. you paid a 3% contribution from your salary.

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Start saving now

How much money could you save for your retirement? For example, if you start saving at the age of 25 with a salary of EUR 1 500 ("on paper"), you are likely to save about EUR 190 000 for your pension.

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What’s your age?

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Save for yourself!

You have 37 years until retirement. By saving EUR 30 per month, you could gather around EUR 20 000 for retirement.

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How many times a week do you pay by card?

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Have savings for unexpected cases

EUR 20 per month or up to EUR 260 per year – this is how much you can save by simply paying with your card.

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Do you have underage children?

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How old is your youngest child?

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Take care of your child’s future

Start saving with EUR 30 per month, and when your child reaches 18 years of age, you will have accumulated about EUR 4 000.

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Thank you for your answers! Here is a summary of the tips. Start your saving journey with the following:

  1. Increase your savings for your backup

    By paying with your bank card alone, you can save EUR 20 per month or EUR 260 per year.

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  1. Consider additional saving for pension

    You have 37 years until retirement. By saving EUR 30 per month, you could save around EUR 20 000 for retirement.

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  1. Save for your child’s future

    Start saving with EUR 30 per month, and when your child reaches 18 years of age, you will have saved about EUR 4 000.

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The calculations were made by saving with 3% + 1.5% pension contributions, based on the “Estimated Pension Calculator” available on the webpage of Sodra.

The best way to find money for savings is to understand where you are spending it. Keep track of your spending in categories: Try the free My Budget tool. 

Join the Facebook group “Pinigai ir reikalai”, where you will find a circle of like-minded people, you can discuss, learn tips and tricks on how to save.

When you receive a salary or unplanned income, set aside a portion of those funds for your savings.

Set specific savings goals, such as for a financial cushion, vacation, new laptop, and more. Thus, you will monitor your progress and make sense of your saving habits.

Regularly set aside small amounts to increase your savings. The amount of savings should be equal to the amount of your 3 months’ salary or other income so that you can feel calmer in the event of unexpected difficulties.

Review the cost of your TV, internet, and mobile services. Examine the different offers of competitors and make sure that the conditions of the services you use are the best.

If you are planning a larger purchase, use price comparison sites.

Good books are expensive. Buy second-hand books at a lower price or use library services.

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