Swedbank pension

Start saving for your future now! Conclude a pension accumulation agreement using our online banking system to receive higher income in old age.

Swedbank pension is the first step toward a larger pension.

  • The earlier you start, the more you will accumulate.
  • Accumulated funds are invested, therefore, it is probable that you will receive a return on investment and the accumulated amount will be larger than your payments.
  • You are the owner of the accumulated funds and the funds are inheritable.
  • Swedbank pension is a conservative decision for the entire accumulation period. Upon conclusion of an agreement on Swedbank pension, you have to select a fund depending on whether you are choosing a decision for the entire accumulation period, with the investment risk changing along with your age, or you want to take decisions and change pension funds yourself.
    • Life cycle pension funds are balanced funds designed for people born in the specified year. You will select the most suitable fund according to your date of birth and you will not have to take decisions and change pension funds throughout the term of the agreement.
    • Conventional pension funds are designed for customers who wish to take decisions themselves and change pension funds according to their age. The most important is to select a fund that is most suitable for your age and to timely decide on changing the fund taking our recommendations into account.
  • Upon signature of a new pension accumulation agreement, the money coming to your personal pension fund account will consist of:
    • 2 % of your pay as your basic SoDra contribution;
    • 2 % of your pay as your additional contribution;
    • 2 % of the average national pay as an additional incentive contribution paid from the state budget.
  • Transfer of payments to the pension funds is administered by SoDra so you will not be responsible for this.
  • In Swedbank’s online banking system you will be able to:
    • view the payments transferred to your personal pension fund account and the amount already accumulated in the account;
    • view the selected pension fund and change it free on charge based on recommendations provided – if your fund is a conventional one;
    • monitor the pension funds‘ profitability results;
    • view an annual report on the funds accumulated in your pension account.
  • Swedbank investicijų valdymas UAB, a pension fund manager, and Swedbank Robur Fonder, a Swedish company, work jointly to ensure best performance of the funds;
  • The funds being accumulated are managed in your personal pension fund account and are safe as they are kept by a depositary, separately from assets from the pension fund manager.

The Swedbank pension accumulation service is provided by Swedbank investicijų valdymas UAB through its representative Swedbank, AB.