Important! As the state of emergency remains valid in the country, we currently serve only pre-registered customers in the bank’s branches. Book a consultation

Keep your ID tools secure: memorize codes, do not write them anywhere and do not tell anyone about them. Always use screen lock. If you’ve lost your ID tool or your smartphone or of you’ve encountered any suspicious activity in your bank account, notify us immediately by phone 1884. Look through full security recommendations when using bank services.

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Every new purchase can be a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. By making a smart decision, you will save both resources and money.

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Use biometrics to access Swebank app even easier!

Log in and confirm payments by using unique and particularly safe data – your fingerprint or face-ID.

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No matter if you are thinking to buy a new house, how to handle bank errands from home or start new business. We’ll help you.

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Easy Saver - a new way to start saving!

Each time you pay by card, the amount for your purchases will be automatically rounded up and the balance will be transferred directly to the Easy Saver.

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