Swedbank pension

Pension (2nd Pillar)

Start saving for your future now! Conclude a pension accumulation agreement using our online banking system to receive higher income in old age.

Swedbank pension is the first step toward a larger pension.

  • The earlier you start, the more you will accumulate.
  • Accumulated funds are invested, therefore, it is probable that you will receive a return on investment and the accumulated amount will be larger than your payments.
  • You are the owner of the accumulated funds and the funds are inheritable.
  • In pursuance of a stable and competitive investment return to participants of the pension funds, we invest into sustainable business.
If you are already accumulating with “Swedbank” pension and you wish to review the agreement information or submit applications, login.
  • You can accumulate „Swedbank” pension in one of these funds:
    • Life-cycle pension funds are balanced funds, each of which is aimed for participants born in the period specified in the name of the fund. You will choose the fund suitable for you according to your date of birth, and you will be able to accumulate in it until your retirement.
    • Traditional pension funds (Pension 5, Pension 4, Pension 3, Pension 2, Pension 1 and Pension pay-out fund) were closed on 16 May 2019 during the implementation of the Republic of Lithuania Law on the Accumulation of Pensions. Participants of the pension system, who had been accumulating in these funds, and their accumulated funds were transferred to “Swedbank” life-cycle pension funds.
  • After signing the new pension accumulation agreement, the contribution to your personal pension fund account will consist of two parts: a contribution from your salary (gross) and an incentive state contribution from the budget calculated from the average national wages. More information is provided in “About the process of accumulation”
  • The transfer of contributions to the pension funds is administered by SoDra, therefore, you will not have to bother about it.
  • In “Swedbank” Internet Bank you can:
    • Check on the quantity of the contributions transferred to your personal pension fund account and the amount accumulated on your pension fund account;
    • Monitor the profitability of the pension funds;
    • Familiarise yourself with the annual report about the funds accumulated in your pension account.
  • The pension fund manager “Swedbank investicijų valdymas”, UAB together with “Swedbank Robur Fonder”, AB, a company operating in Sweden, have been achieving good results.
  • The accumulated funds are accounted on your personal pension fund account, where they are secure, since they are separated from the assets of the company managing the pension funds and are stored in a depository (Fund depository – “Swedbank” AB, company code 112029651, address Konstitucijos pr. 20A, Vilnius).