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Private Portfolio

It’s unit-linked life insurance designed for those who wish to entrust the active management of their investments to professionals.

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Why is it worth choosing?

  • Your investments will be managed by competent investment experts of “Swedbank”.
  • You can choose one of five investment strategies, taking into account your standard risk level.
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  • You can choose the amount of investment - to pay single insurance premium starting from EUR 1 000 or to pay periodical payments starting from EUR 50 per month.
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  • You can withdraw a portion of the accumulated capital without terminating the life insurance contract.
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  • It is easy to follow the detailed information of the life insurance contract and change the conditions of the respective life insurance contract in accordance with established procedure in the "Swedbank" Internet Bank.
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  • You can benefit from personal income tax relief.
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  • By specifying the beneficiary, in case of insured person’s death, the insurance benefit is paid within a short time, because the accumulated assets are not involved in the overall process of inheritance.


Savings period
Monthly payment
Choose strategy
  Favourable scenario Moderate scenario Unfavourable scenario
Projected savings value at the end of period
Total premiums
Estimated annual average earning rates of underlying assets (  Strategy) % % %
  • All values generated by this calculator are not guaranteed and only serve as an illustrative example generated based on the values entered in the calculator. Please take into account that the value of an investment unit may increase or decrease during the contract lifetime and also the value of the reserve may accordingly increase or decrease in line with the value of the investment unit. The average annual return rates used by the calculator do not guarantee an equivalent yield in the future.
  • Further information about this product’s offer is available at any Swedbank branch or by calling customer service at 1884 or by sending your question to e-mail address:
  • The calculator uses indicators and calculating logic (planned amount of insurance payment, length of collection period, expected yield and its scenarios) that differ significantly from the requirements set for main information of combined retail and insurance-based investment products. In making a choice regarding an insurance product please review the results of the forecasts set out in the yield scenario table under ‘What are the risks and what could I get in return?’ in the Key Information document.

You can enter the Private Portfolio Contract by connecting to the "Swedbank" Internet Bank and filling:

  1. Suitability questionnarie;
  2. Application for a life insurance contract conclusion.

Before conclusion of the contract, please review:

Private Portfolio is unit-linked life insurance contract, where the investment risk belongs to the policyholder. Service is provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE Lithuanian Branch.

Private Portfolio investment strategies at your choice:

Capital Preservation Strategy is aimed at preserving assets by investing into bonds and diversifying these investments. The strategy is intended for customers less experienced in financial markets with an medium-term investment horizon (1 –3 years), who wish to preserve assets by assuming low risk, when no specific capital guarantee is provided.

Real Value Strategy seeks to attain a certain growth in the value of assets by assuming low risk for the customer (by investing up to 10% of the strategy assets into shares). The strategy is suitable for investors with medium-term investment horizon (at least 3 years) who have little experience with financial markets and seek to achieve some growth in the value of assets. The customer must be ready to assume the risk of loss of part of the assets.

Balanced Strategy seeks to ensure the growth of the invested assets in medium-term by assuming moderate risk for the customer (by investing up to 40% of the strategy assets into shares). The strategy is suitable for investors with medium-term investment horizon (at least 5 years) who have little experience with financial markets and seek to achieve growth in the value of assets by assuming moderate risk. The customer must tolerate certain fluctuations in prices and be ready to assume a risk of asset share loss.

Growth Strategy seeks growth in the value of the invested assets by assuming somewhat higher risk for the customer in medium to long term (by investing up to 75% of the strategy assets into shares). The strategy is suitable for investors who wish to achieve growth in the value of assets, take higher risk and make longer than medium term investments (at least 7 years). The customer must be ready to tolerate significant fluctuations in prices and assume a substantial risk of loss of the asset share.

Aggressive Growth Strategy aims for maximum growth in the value of assets over a longer period of time (by diversifying and investing up to 100% of the assets into shares). The strategy is suited for customers with considerable experience in financial markets and a long-term investment horizon (at least 10 years), who want to take high risk to earn maximum profit (the risk equals the investments into shares – high fluctuations of prices and actual risk to lose a considerable share of assets).

Periodic insurance premiums may be debited by e. invoice automatic payment method from bank account specified each month on the date of your choice. In addition, for the duration of the life insurance contract you can pay additional premiums at any moment, and their amount and payment frequency is not limited.

You can withdraw a part of the capital accumulated under the contract at any time. For the duration of the contract the amount of accumulated capital should remain at least 300 Eur.

In the Internet Bank you can:

  • Monitor the cost of your investment, its distribution by currency, regions and equities classes;
  • Follow the history of the insurance premiums, tax payments, money withdrawal, and other performed operations;
  • Change the type of payment, investment strategy and beneficiaries;
  • Withdraw the part of the investment cost or terminate the Private Portfolio contract.

Key information documents

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