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Private Wealth Management services

Private clients of Internet Banking receive 10 % discount for administration fee of “Safe Child’s Fund” or “Safe Pension Fund” contract.

“Safe Child’s Fund” – is a good way to accumulate funds for the future of your child and take care of the funds, when your child makes the first steps in his o her independent life.

By signing “Safe Pension Fund” contract you will accumulate individually your additional pension and guarantee a financially provided old age.

  • You do not have to select the investment strategy – we will do that for you. The funds will be accumulated with consideration of the period remaining to the expiration date of the contract. The shares and obligations ratio is changed automatically with consideration of the above period.
  • The guarantee for the accumulated funds is applied at the end of the contract’s term. The guarantee means that in case of negative return on investment a guarantee amount, i.e. amount of paid premiums less the contract fees, will be paid at the end of the contract’s term. In case of early termination of the contract, the guarantee is not applied.

If you are interested in this offer, please, contact your Personal Banker.

More details on the services and insurance rules and other conditions are available here: Safe Child’s Fund and Safe Pension Fund.

Hereby we inform that discount for administration fee can be used only once, i.e. discounts are not summed up. When this discount is used, other discounts provided in the contract will not be applied.

“Safe Child’s Fund” and “Safe Pension Fund” are services of investment life insurance, when investment risk is carried by the policyholder. Services are rendered by Lithuanian Branch of "Swedbank Life Insurance SE".

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