Customer Questionnaire for Natural Persons ("Know Your Customer" principle)

Not only to provide better services, but also for security reasons

Just like other banks, we must comply with legal requirements and follow the principle Know Your Customer (KYC) in our operations. For this reason, we ask our customers to provide us with certain information:

  • we ask questions about contact details, nationality, place of residence, area of activity, etc.
  • we periodically send requests to provide or update information;
  • if necessary, we ask for additional details about a specific transaction (for instance, about the origin of funds credited to the customer’s account).

My data

Please log in to view your data. If you don’t use the Internet Bank or you can’t log in at the moment, you can fill the PDF form and bring the already completed form to any office of the bank.

If your details have changed please update them in our database as soon as possible. This means that we can always contact you quickly whenever necessary.

Good to know

  • Explanation of completion of the customer questionnaire for natural persons for customers aged 14 – 17

  • Why do banks ask their customers to provide information about them?

  • Do these requirements apply to other banks as well?

  • Which institutions are authorised to receive the details I provide?

  • How do you ensure that my data is in safety?

  • What could happen if I refuse to submit the declaration/questionnaire?

  • Who are “politically exposed persons”?

  • What languages can be used to fill in the questionnaire?

  • Which legislation regulates the KYC principle, incl. data processing routines?