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Accumulate funds for an additional pension independently and secure an affluent old age

  • The decision you made today to begin accumulating additional funds for the time when you are retired – the first step towards higher income in old age. The funds you accumulate for a pension are taken care of by our professional investment specialists.
  • In our online bank, you will find a solution suitable for you to accumulate a Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 pension.
  • We are an attractive pension accumulation service providers in Lithuania – more than 600,000 clients have entrusted us with the accumulation of their additional pensions.

In Lithuania, the pension accumulation system includes three pillars, the purpose of which is to enable a person to secure a well-off old age and to independently accumulate his/her own pension.

Pension Pillar I is the state social security pension. It is important to take into account the fact that the society of our country is “growing old” due to increasing life expectancy of the population, i.e. the number of future pensioners grows faster than that of future taxpayers. This has a direct impact on the decrease of old-age pensions paid by Sodra. Therefore, in order to secure sufficient income in old age, it is worth accumulating funds independently.

More detailed information on the Lithuanian pension system

Pension Pillar II funds allow accumulating additional funds for old age. The accumulation contribution consists of two parts: contribution from your salary and the incentive contribution from the state budget. Together, Pillar I and Pillar II would allow accumulating for your old age around 45% of your current income.

In more detail

Pension pillar III is the independently accumulated pension based on an investment life insurance agreement or a pillar III pension fund agreement. By accumulating periodically, by the beginning of your retirement, you can accumulate sufficiently for a comfortable living. This accumulation method is subject to an individual income tax benefit. In addition, your employer can pay the whole or a part of the contribution.

In more detail

Together, Pillar I, Pillar II, and Pillar III would allow accumulating for your old age around 70% of your income received before retirement.

Your future income will depend significantly on the decision you make today

If you wish to maintain your current living standard, your retirement income should account for 70% of your current income. It is possible only if you begin accumulating additional funds for a Pillar II and Pillar III pension as early as possible.

If you are accumulating a Pillar III pension with us, we invite you to calculate whether the amount you are planning to accumulate satisfies you. Click here.

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