Traditional funds

6 traditional Swedbank pension funds are designed for customers who want to make decisions themselves throughout the period of accumulation and to change the pension fund according to their age.

  • Traditional pension funds differ according to the ratio of investment in shares and bonds – this determines the likely return on investment as well as risk.
  • The most important thing is to accumulate in a fund that is best for you according to your age.
  • We recommend that you make decisions on changing the fund taking into consideration your age instead of the situation in the markets.

We recommend choosing a traditional pension fund according to your age:

  • The younger you are, the bigger proportion of shares in the fund you can choose – it is likely that in this way you will earn more.
  • With the pension age approaching, you should gradually choose the fund with decreasing number/proportion of shares and thus retain the already saved amount of money.

Investment strategy of the pension fund PENSION 5

  • The investment risk in the fund is high, big fluctuations in the value of a fund unit are likely. Up to 100% of the funds are invested in share markets. The assumption of a big investment risk is aimed at a correspondingly bigger potential return in the long term.
  • The purpose of the fund activity is to ensure a long-term growth of the participants’ assets.

This fund is for you, if:

  • You are not older than 44 years old and there are no less than 20 years left until your old-age pension.
Fund name
Pension 5
Launch date
2011 05 05
Fund size (2019-04-17):
192 413 261.09 EUR
NAV at 1   2019 04 17
0.4717   EUR
NAV 1 change
-0.0006   EUR   (-0.13%);
Risk and reward profile
Lower Risk 
Higher risk 

The categories indicated in this risk scale are based on Fund‘s asset value volatility over the last five years

Performance chart

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Pension 5 benchmark index 2

Components of benchmark index 3 Index
2.00%iBOXX Eurozone TR EUR
4.00%iBOXX Liquid Corporates EUR
1.25%6 mėn. Euribor
0.75%JPM Euro EMBI Global diversified Eastern Europe debt index
30.80%MSCI Daily Net TR USA index USD (EUR)
28.60%MSCI Daily Net TR Europe index Euro
4.40%OMX Baltic 10
6.60%MSCI Daily Net TR Japan index USD (EUR)
17.60%MSCI Emerging Markets Daily Net TR EUR
4.00%MSCI World, EUR

Recalculated values are shown in the graph along with the benchmark index, i. e. the unit value and the benchmark index value is recalculated on the same basis, with the baseline of 100.00. Benchmark index values are calculated since 05.05.2011.

The structure of the benchmark index is based on the strategy defined in the pension fund‘s regulations. The structure of the benchmark index may only be changed by decision of the Board of the pension accumulation company.

Benchmark indices are subject to change depending on change in circumstances. The new benchmark indices clearly show the strategic allocation of the pensions funds assets both geographically and by instrument groups. This will allow participants in the funds to better understand and assess investment risks.

The benchmark index was changed from 2015-12-01; before that date you can check the value here.

1 NAV – a conventional measure of the value of pension assets of a participant in a pension fund. The NAV is determined by dividing the difference between the pension fund‘s pension asset value and long- and short-term financial liabilities (except liabilities to the participants in the pension fund) by the number of units in circulation. Such calculation is made at the end of each business day.

2 Benchmark index – a statistical indicator consisting of one or more universally adopted and widely used indices of financial instruments formulated by independent persons to reflect changes in certain markets or parts thereof.

3 In calculating the total value of the benchmark index, a change in the value of each index (return) is calculated separately.

Please note that any past results do not guarantee results in the future. The value of investments may rise or fall. You may receive less than you have invested.

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