Life cycle funds

A new opportunity for you to accumulate additional funds for pension in a more convenient way and to save more.

  • Life cycle pension funds are the only funds of pension pillar II in Lithuania which change along with you – the proportion of shares in the funds gradually reduces according to your age as well as the investment risk.
  • Easy to choose – you will be able to choose the fund according to your date of birth.
  • One fund for your entire life – you have to choose a fund once only and you will be able to accumulate funds in it until your pension.
  • Attractive price – a lower asset management fee (0.75%) is charged for these funds compared to other pension funds which invest in shares.

After you sign a Swedbank pension contract and decide to accumulate money in Life Cycle Funds, you will no longer need to bother about changing the fund. You will choose the fund according to your date of birth and that is it – you will no longer need to change the contract for the entire period of the contract. Your fund will change with you – the proportion of shares and the investment risk will reduce gradually as your age will change.

Investment strategy of the Life Cycle Pension Fund Pension 1996-2002

  • The fund’s investment risk gradually changes according to the duration of participation by the fund participants in the pension accumulation process. The purpose of the fund is to accumulate as bigger pension assets as possible for the date of your retirement.
  • Strategic proportion of shares is dynamically reduced from 90% at the beginning of the accumulation to 10% at the end of accumulation so as to obtain the optimum investment result throughout the entire accumulation period.
  • Given the situation in the financial market and its prospects, the proportion of shares may be increased or reduced within the limit of 15%. At the start of accumulation the proportion of shares may range from 75 to 100%, and at the end it may range from 0 to 25%.

This fund is for you, if:

  • You were born in the period from 1996 to 2002 (inclusive).
  • You find it acceptable that the investment risk will gradually change and will not need to make any decisions in the future with regard to changing the fund.
Fund name
Pension 1996-2002
Launch date
2018 03 01
Fund size (2018-12-13):
681 839.94 EUR
NAV at 1   2018 12 13
1.0160   EUR
NAV 1 change
-0.0027   EUR   (-0.27%);

Performance chart

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Benchmark 2

Components of benchmark index 3 Index Name of index
4% iBOXX Eurozone TR EUR iBOXX Eurozonos vyriausybių obligacijų indeksas, EUR
2% iBOXX Liquid Corporates EUR iBOXX likvidžiausių bendrovių obligacijų indeksas
2.5% Euribor 6 m 6 mėnesių Euro zonos tarpbankinė palūkanų norma, EUR
1.5% JPM Euro EMBI Global diversified Eastern Europe debt index JP Morgan Rytų Europos skolos vertybinių popierių indeksas
31.5% MSCI Daily Net TR USA index USD (EUR) Morgan Stanley Capital International JAV akcijų indeksas, USD (perskaičiuotas EUR)
29.25% MSCI Daily Net TR Europe index Euro Morgan Stanley Capital International Europos akcijų indeksas, EUR
4.5% OMX Baltic 10 OMX Baltic 10 akcijų indeksas
6.75% MSCI Daily Net TR Japan index USD (EUR) Morgan Stanley Capital International Japonijos akcijų indeksas, USD (perskaičiuotas EUR)
18% MSCI Emerging Markets Daily Net TR EUR MSCI besivystančių rinkų akcijų indeksas

Benchmark (xls)

The benchmark index graph shows recalculated values, i.e. the unit value and the benchmark index value is recalculated on a single basis, the initial values are equated to 100.00. Benchmark index values are calculated as of 01.03.2018.

The benchmark index composition takes into account the investment strategy set forth in the pension fund rules. Benchmark indexes illustrate the strategic distribution of pension fund assets both geographically and by instrument group. This will facilitate understanding and assessment of investment risk by the participants of pension funds. Since the fund investment strategy is changing depending on the participants’ life cycle, the future benchmark index composition has been envisaged respectively.

The benchmark index is valid as of 01.03.2018.

1 Long-term cumulative return – a change in the investment value of a unit during a specified period in percentage terms.

2 Benchmark index – a statistical indicator consisting of one or more universally adopted and widely used indices of financial instruments formulated by independent persons to reflect changes in certain markets or parts thereof.

3 In calculating the total value of the benchmark index, a change in the value of each index (return) is calculated separately.

    Please note that:
  • State pension for participants in pension funds is reduced on proportional basis according to the procedure established by the law.
  • Accumulation of pensions is subject to an administration fee.
  • Any past results do not guarantee results in the future. The value of investments may rise or fall. You may receive less than you have invested.