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Free trades and safekeepingA young dad at the market happily shops and is happy to have decided to invest his money.

Today’s investor is You!

We apply no fees so that you can gain maximum benefit by investing into securities:

  • Free-of-charge Baltic stock exchange trading.
  • Free-of-charge Swedbank group fund trading.
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The list of top traded funds and stocks is based on the largest turnover of shares and funds of Swedbank's clients in Baltics in April 2024 (by adding up the amounts of purchase and sale transactions) in Swedbank Internet Bank. The list is provided for informational purposes only and cannot be interpreted as a recommendation, invitation, suggestion or offer to buy / sell specific financial instruments. Swedbank, AB did not assess whether the financial instruments indicated here are suitable for you. Swedbank, AB does not take on any responsibility for direct or indirect losses or expenses incurred because of the use of this information.

Stocks, also known as equities and shares, are securities that prove the shareholder’s ownership stake in the company and grant certain rights. Companies issue stocks to raise capital for various purposes, such as expanding the company’s business operations. When you buy a stock, you essentially become a part-owner of the underlying company and are entitled to a share of its profits.

  • Stock portfolio tend to produce high returns over your investment in the long term.*
  • You can start investing in stocks with a relatively small amount of money (applies for Baltic stocks)
  • You may receive dividends from the company, meaning a portion of the company's distributable profits
  • Make a profit from the potential increase of stock price
  • You can own a tiny slice of a company whose products or services you love.

*Since the inception of the S&P 500 index (index that is composed of 500 large US companies) in 1926, it has generated gross annual returns in USD of around 10% on average (Level of return is an average across all stocks in the S&P500 index).

  • Prices of stocks may fluctuate even due to a reason not necessary directly connected to company‘s economic results (e.g. global cooling of economy or liquidity crises).
  • Stocks, just like any other investment solution, are also subject to various other risks, such as liquidity risk, legislative risk, currency risk, tax risk, interest rate risk, etc.

It is important to be aware of those risks and to assess them on a continuous basis. For more information on the potential risks, click here.

All forms of investing involve some degree of risk and stock investing is no different. It’s important to realize that not every stock perform this well.

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  1. Open a securities account via Internet Banking.
  2. Select a stock to buy.
  3. Place an order to buy stock.

Before purchasing stocks, we recommend reviewing information about transactions in financial instruments and the associated risks.

When investing in stocks, taxes must be paid by the investors – you.

Have in mind, that after securities sales, you need to perform income declaration and tax calculation. Income received from securities should be declared in accordance with applicable law. At the end of the calendar year, we will prepare a certificate, that you’ll be able to use for your annual income tax and asset declaration.

If “Swedbank”, AB (hereinafter the Bank) is obliged to pay any taxes, fees, interest, penalties or incur other costs that are not covered in the Bank’s Price List and are related to the provision of securities safekeeping, execution and any other relevant service to the Client, the Bank shall have the right to debit such amounts from the Client’s Current Account without prior Client’s consent. The Bank shall provide additional information about such debits and the underlying costs to the Client upon request.

Internet bank Branch
1. Securities account
1.1. Account opening* Free of charge Free of charge
1.2. Account closing Free of charge Free of charge
1.3. Account statement of holdings / transactions Free of charge Free of charge
* Securities accounts for legal persons can be opened only at the branch office
2. Trading in equities and ETFs *
Internet bank At branch / via brokerage
2.1. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia Free of charge 0,35%, min EUR 10
2.2. USA, Sweden, United Kingdom (including DRs)** 0,25%, min EUR 8 0,35%, min EUR 35
2.3. Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany (Xetra), Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland 0,25%, min EUR 11 0,35%, min EUR 35
2.4. Other markets Subject to agreement Subject to agreement
2.5. Direct transactions on Nasdaq Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius Subject to agreement Subject to agreement
2.6. Participation in auctions organized by Nasdaq Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius Subject to agreement Subject to agreement
2.7. Settlement of repurchase agreement*** EUR 30

* Percentage fees calculated from trade amount.

Trading fee is charged in trading currency, the Bank exchange rates apply.

Minimum order size may be applied for certain countries.

Trading orders transmitted to the Bank can be cancelled only until executed.

In case the order is not executed in full during a single trading day, the trading fee (including minimum trading fee) for partial order execution is charged in full for each trading day when the order is partially executed.

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are treated as shares.

If purchase transactions are subject to FTT according to local market regulations (e.g. France, Italy), such tax is added to the transaction charges.

** A stamp duty of 0,5% of transaction amount on buying UK securities and 1% on buying Irish securities is added to the transaction charges. In certain events, a higher rate (1,5%), a bonus rate or tax exemption may apply for UK securities.

*** Repurchase transactions available only for professional clients.

3. Trading in debt securities
3.1.Participating at the domestic bonds primary auctions held by the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania at NASDAQ Vilnius 0,02%*, min EUR 15
3.2. Primary and secondary market transactions of debt securities executed at NASDAQ Baltic exchange 0.45%*, min EUR 50
3.3. Transactions of debt securities in the secondary market (excluding NASDAQ Baltic exchange) - all transaction fees, incl. transaction margin, are included in the agreed purchase/sales price:
3.3.1. Face value of the transaction up to 100,000 EUR or the equivalent in other currency margin up to 3%*
3.3.2. Face value of the transaction from 100,000 EUR or the equivalent in other currency margin up to 2%*

* Calculating from the face value of the transaction

4. Monthly securities safekeeping fee*
4.1 Monthly securities safekeeping fee**** Up to EUR 30 000 - free of charge, from the value above EUR 30 000, 0,008% *****

* Safekeeping fee is calculated based on the value of the portfolio on the last date of the calendar month. Securities are priced according to the month end prices of the Bank’s local agents, market price or nominal value of the security. Bonds are always priced at nominal value. The safekeeping fees are debited from the Client’s current account linked to the securities account.

ETF safekeeping fee equals to the safekeeping fee of its trading country.

Safekeeping on other markets subject to separate agreement.

Safekeeping fee includes safekeeping fees charged by the Bank’s local market agents

** Safekeeping of Depositary Receipts (ADR, GDR) is subject to the respective DR Agent’s fees.

*** Monthly minimum safekeeping fee is per securities accounts and charged only for accounts with holdings if total monthly account fee is below minimum.

**** Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Depositary Receipts**, Eurobonds.

***** Lithuanian Republic Government Saving Notes and “Swedbank” group Funds are excluded from the calculation of the portfolio value for safekeeping fee calculation.

5. Transaction fees*
5.1. Free of payment transaction** (bank internal***)
5.1.1. Free of payment delivery EUR 3
5.1.2. Free of payment receipt Free of charge
5.2. Transactions with Lithuanian securities and funds (bank external)
5.2.1. Free of payment delivery** EUR 6
5.2.2. Free of payment receipt** Free of charge
5.2.3. Against payment transaction (trading with third party broker) EUR 10
5.3. Transactions with foreign securities and foreign funds free of payment and against payment (bank external)
5.3.1. Estonia, Latvia**** EUR 10
5.3.2. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Canada, France,Ireland, Netherlands, UK, Germany, USA, Eurobonds**** EUR 15
5.3.3. Austria, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy,Poland, Portugal, Spain,Switzerland,foreign funds**** EUR 25
5.3.4. Bulgaria,Croatia, Russia, Serbia **** EUR 45
5.4. Transaction cancellation***** Transaction fee
5.5. Pledge registration / amendment****** EUR 30
5.6. Pledge release Free of charge
5.7. Subscription to a new issue/ Participating in an offer Transaction fee

* Fees charged from both parties of the transaction if not specified otherwise.

For investment fund units’ trading, please see „Investment Fund Units’ Trading and Safekeeping“

** Applies to transactions with no change of ownership.

*** Bank internal refers to transactions between securities accounts opened with the Bank.

**** Transaction fee includes standard settlement fees charged by the Bank’s local market agents.

***** Cancellation is allowed if instruction is not yet processed by the Bank.

****** Pledge registration based on bailiff’s instructions is free of charge, other transactions subject to standard fees

6. Other services
6.1. Participation in general shareholder’s meeting* EUR 120 + actual expenses
6.2. Tax relief at source / tax reclaim* EUR 60 + actual expenses
6.3. Registration of off exchange securities transactions
6.3.1. Bank internal transaction according to the Bank’s standard agreement** EUR 10
6.3.2. Bank internal inheritance transaction***
6.3.3. Non-standard OTC agreement** Subject to agreement, min. EUR 50
6.4. Owner account at Nasdaq CSD****
6.4.1. Account opening***** EUR 50
6.4.2. Monthly account maintenance****** EUR 50
6.4.3. Account closing Free of charge
6.4.4. Account statement of holdings / transactions Free of charge

* Tax relief at source / tax reclaim and general meeting services are subject to availability on each specific market.

** Fees charged from both parties of the transaction if not specified otherwise.

*** In case of inheritance of securities, fee charged only from the beneficiary.

**** Owner account is an account in the name of the Client opened at Nasdaq CSD, Lithuania and used only on behalf of the specific Client.

***** Owner accounts can be opened only at the branch office.

****** Maintenance fee is charged in addition to monthly securities safekeeping fee

7. Derivatives
7.1. Over-The-Counter (OTC) FX forward and FX swap up to 2% from deal amount (included in currency rate)
7.2. Over-The-Counter (OTC) FX option up to 2% from deal amount (included in premium amount)
7.3. Exchange-Traded options and futures up to EUR 100 *

*Applicable for every contract.

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