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Historic prices of investment funds in which investments can be made through mediation of „Swedbank“, AB announced by the Bank are derived from sources which are considered reliable. However, the Bank does not verify the correctness and accuracy of such prices and moreover as a result of adjustments introduced by investment funds or their management companies the changes of prices are possible which may not be reflected in historic prices announced by the Bank, or certain irregularities of prices are possible due to different processes of information technologies. Due to the aforementioned reasons the prices of investment funds announced by the Bank should be treated as indicative prices provided for information purposes only. The actual and most accurate prices of investment funds are announced by the funds themselves or by their management companies. The Bank recommends its clients who need to know exact historic prices of investment funds with all their adjustments to check them at the places where they are announced by investment funds or their management companies. Information about such places can be found in prospectuses of respective funds.
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