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Investing in funds

Still wondering why to start investing?

Because it is worth it! By investing, you will make your money work for you, protect it from inflation and earn a return.

  • Investment decisions are made by professional investment managers.
  • You can invest as little as EUR 1.
  • Transactions in Swedbank funds and securities safekeeping are free of charge.
* Purpose of the calculator is to illustrate the return from the investment in a particular time period. Calculator value limits do not refer to maximum or minimum returns in chosen period. Return displayed in the calculator is not guaranteed nor based on real market returns. Fees have not been taken into account. Investing entails risks. Value of any investment may increase or decrease in time. Historic returns do not guarantee similar results in the future.
Enter the amount of regular contributions for the payment frequency selected. You can select monthly, weekly or quarterly for your regular contributions to the regular investments. Selected earning rate is used for calculations of the estimated results. Earning rates for this contract are not guaranteed and future cannot be predicted. In order to see the impact of different earning rates to your savings you can enter different rates and calculate the results with more positive and negative scenarios. Enter the period in years – for how long you plan to save or invest.
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  • 6 000 
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  • 6 000 

Calculation and return assumptions

  • Investing in funds gives you a possibility to earn a higher return as compared to keeping money in your cash account or in term deposits.
  • Swedbank funds are managed by professional investment managers.
  • Transactions with Swedbank funds and safekeeping is free of charge.
  • Investing into funds gives a possibility to minimize the issuer risk, as investments are done into many different companies.
  • Contribute to a greener future by investing in sustainable funds.
  1. Review the investment funds list and choose a fund suitable for you.
  2. Choose an investment option:
    • Lump-sum investment.
    • Regular investment.
  3. Submit an order. You will be asked to open a securities account if you do not already have one.

If you need advice before making an investment decision, please fill out the Investment advice questionnaire or sign up for an investment consultation.

  • Swedbank Robur is one of the largest Scandinavian asset management companies active since 1967.
  • You can choose investment fund solutions covering most of the major regions of the world, sectors and asset classes.
  • The key objective of Swedbank Robur is to make sustainable investments.
  • Generating a healthy long-term return and encouraging positive development of the environment and the society.
  • Exerting influence on companies to continuously improve in terms of environmental impact and climate change.
  • Refraining from investing in industries that do not support the basic principles of sustainability.
More about sustainability

Check the list of Robur funds:

A low risk strategy that aims to invest 10% in equity funds and 90% in fixed-income funds.

  • Risk indicator: 2 out of 7
Read more

The strategy that aims to protect against inflation by investing around 30% in equity funds and 70% in fixed-income funds.

  • Risk indicator: 3 out of 7
Read more

The strategy that aims to exceed inflation by investing around 60% in equity funds and 40% in fixed-income funds.

  • Risk indicator: 3 out of 7
Read more

The strategy that aims for maximum growth by investing up to 100% in equity funds.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in various industries in Asia excluding Japan.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments globally in the emerging markets countries like Brazil, China, India.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in Japan - 2nd largest developed economy in the world.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in USA – the world’s largest economy.

  • Risk indicator: 5 out of 7
Read more

Investments in companies globally in various industries.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in Europe - one of the wealthiest regions of the world.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in Sweden - one of the most competitive economies in the world.

  • Risk indicator: 5 out of 7
Read more

Investing in emerging European markets like The Balkans, Baltics, Kazakhstan, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey.

  • Risk indicator: 6 out of 7
Read more

Investments in companies globally that contribute to meeting the 17 global sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in real estate related companies globally.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in technology companies globally, primarily in companies in the IT sector.

  • Risk indicator: 5 out of 7
Read more

Investments in companies globally that are active in the healthcare industry.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in companies globally that can be expected to provide a high dividend yield.

  • Risk indicator: 4 out of 7
Read more

Investments in high quality European companies debt securities.

  • Risk indicator: 2 out of 7
Read more

Investments in lower quality European companies debt securities with higher return potential.

  • Risk indicator: 3 out of 7
Read more

Investments in corporate bonds with high credit quality issued by Nordic companies.

  • Risk indicator: 2 out of 7
Read more

Sustainable Finance – the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan: Through new EU action plans and legal requirements, sustainability will become a regulated area for the financial industry. In March 2018, the European Commission launched an action plan to finance sustainable growth with three main objectives: 1) shift capital flows towards sustainable investments in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth; 2) address financial risks arising from climate change, environmental degradation and social issues; 3) increase transparency and improve reporting and promote transparency and long-term sustainability in economic activities.

The Disclosure Regulation means that new requirements will be imposed on the disclosure of sustainability-related information. The purpose of the Regulation is to (1) harmonize requirements for sustainability-related information within the EU; 2) increase transparency and clarity regarding sustainability-related information; 3) increase the attractiveness of sustainable investments.

  • Light Green – the fund promotes environmental and/or social characteristics.
  • Dark Green – the fund has sustainable investments as its goal.
  • Other – the fund is not classified as Light Green or Dark Green.

Investment fund units' trading and safekeeping services

1. Trading in units of investment funds* Subscription** Regular investment** Redemption Switch***
1.1. “Swedbank” group funds Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
1.2. Global fixed income funds
1.2.1. Franklin Templeton funds 0,5 % + EUR 7 0,5%, min EUR 0,75 EUR 7 EUR 7
1.2.2. Funds managed by other management companies 0,5 % + EUR 21 EUR 21 EUR 21
1.3. Global equity and mixed funds
1.3.1. Franklin Templeton funds 1,5 % + EUR 7 1,5%, min EUR 0,75 EUR 7 EUR 7
1.3.3. Funds managed by other management companies 1,5 % + EUR 21 EUR 21 EUR 21
2. Monthly securities safekeeping****
2.1. “Swedbank” group funds Free of charge
2.2. Other funds Up to EUR 30 000 - free of charge, from the value above EUR 30 000, 0,008 % *****

* Fund orders submitted to the Bank cannot be cancelled.

** Percentage fee calculated from subscription amount. Additional fixed operations fees may be applied to subscription, redemption and fund switch transactions as specified in table above.

*** Fund switch subject to the conditions specified in the relevant fund terms, fee charged only on delivery side.

**** Safekeeping fee is calculated based on the market value of the investment fund units on the account on the last date of the calendar month.

***** Lithuanian Republic Government Saving Notes and “Swedbank” group funds are excluded from the calculation of the portfolio value for safekeeping fee calculation.

Private Portfolio is for people who appreciate their time and convenience in making investments.

An investment solution if you want to create a diversified portfolio of securities on your own quickly and simply.

Invest in your child’s future right now – sign a contract in internet bank and accumulate funds for Your child‘s studies or for the beginning of his independent life.

When you invest, you take on the investment risk, and the value of your investment may increase or decrease.

Information in the page cannot be interpreted as a recommendation to buy/sell specific financial instruments. Swedbank AB has not made any assessment as to whether these financial instruments are suitable for you.

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