Savings Deposit

+0.05 %

Easy Saver – when saving becomes easy

  • Save money for a bigger purchase or build a reserve for unexpected expenses.
  • You can add money to your deposit on a regular basis, or whenever you have free funds available.
  • If you sign a savings deposit contract on the internet bank, we will grant additional 0.05% interest rate premium.*

* Private clients signing a new savings deposit contract on „Swedbank“ internet bank receive an additional 0.05 percent interest rate premium. This additional interest rate is not applied for automatically prolonged deposits.

Regular setting money aside makes saving much easier!

Set a periodic payment to your e-piggybank.


* Accumulated amount without interest.

Amount per year
  • Minimum deposit amount concluding in internet bank – only 5 EUR (saving in U.S. Dollars - 150 USD).
  • Deposit currency – Euro; the U.S. Dollar.
  • Deposit term – from 3 months to 1 year.
  • You may add the desired amount of money to the Deposit Account at any time – the interest shall be calculated on the increased amount each time.
  • At maturity, the accrued interest can be withdrawn, and the deposit term extended. You can choose the deposit term to be extended automatically.
  • When necessary, you can withdraw up to 50 percent of the existing deposit amount without losing the interest.*

Information about the insurance of deposits and liabilities to investors is available here.

* The withdrawal is possible no more frequently than every 3 months (the minimum deposit amount must remain in the deposit account).

  1. Fill in the fields of the Savings Deposit form.
  2. Fill in the fields of the Periodic Payment form in the same window (if you wish the deposit to be added automatically).
  3. After checking the data filled in, confirm the conclusion of the Agreement.

Simple and safe way for keeping the accumulated monetary reserve.

You will automatically top up your savings with a small amount every time you pay by card.