A unit-linked life insurance service „Save child fund“

Create your child’s future today!

Start saving for a better future for your child today and make use of the following advantages:

  • Savings will help to contribute to a comfortable future of your child;
  • Savings is covered by a guaranteed amount at the end of savings period;
  • Financial safety for your child - your life will be insured;
  • Receive personal income tax refund of your contributions every year.

A unit-linked life insurance „Save child fund“ calculator

Child's age now
Child's age as at contract end date
What is Savings for Child’s Future?

You should think of Savings for Child’s Future if you wish to make it easier for your child to get good education or start an independent life.

  • We recommend that you allot EUR 50 per month for your child‘s future (minimum allot EUR 30 per month). You can also make additional payments to increase the accumulated amount, or pay less if you have financial difficulties.
  • You can earn additional income when your investment grows and receive personal income tax refund from your contributions.
Why to choose Swedbank Savings for Child’s Future?

Savings for Child’s Future is a good saving solution:

  • you start to save money for child and we will take care of investments;
  • investment strategy to earn and to protect;
  • savings is covered by a guaranteed amount at the end of the savings period;
  • financial safety for your child - your life will be insured;
  • flexible contributions selected by you.

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Safe Child Fund is a unit-linked life insurance service provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE Lithuania Branch through its representative Swedbank, AB.

Secure Child Fund is a unit-linked life insurance service where the investment risk is assumed by the policyholder.

Please note that the investment value of the contract may either increase or decrease depending on the actual yield of investments. The insurer does not provide guarantees of yield on investments and accumulated investment value.

The insurer will pay the guaranteed amount provided that the contract remains in effect until the end of the terms and the investment value of the contract is lower than the guaranteed amount as of the end of the term of the contract.

The information provided may not be treated as the insurer‘s recommendation to choose this service; you are responsible for your choice, therefore, prior to deciding on the entering into the unit-linked life insurance contract you should familiarise yourself with the detailed information contained in the insurance rules, descriptions of investment allocations and other information published on www.swedbank.lt.