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Life insurance

Life insurance. Insurance out of love

Risk life insurance will help your family when you are no longer around. Feel calmer when you are insured:

  • for your loved ones, especially if they depend on your income,
  • for yourself if you are no longer able to work due to a severe disability.

With additional trauma cover, you also get protection in the event of an accident, such as a bone fracture.

New! Anti-bullying Service* - designed to provide support for families in the case of a bullying event of their children.

* In Lithuania foundation “Fonds PLECS” provides the service by involving VŠĮ KULTIVUOTI and specialist(s) selected by the foundation.

Gift – a Vitamin D test at Antėja clinic! All customers who conclude a risk life insurance contract by 12 November 2022 will be offered a free Vitamin D test at any Antėja clinic.

Your average monthly net income (work remuneration, pension, social security benefits, dividends and income from individual merchant activities) from past 6 months. This sum will be paid out to your loved ones. Our recommendation is to insure at least 24 month income and balance of loan obligations so your family has time to cope with new financial situation, when you are gone. Minimum cover is 15000€. Log in for detailed calculation.
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The sums insured and insurance premium are calculated based on your age, income, desire to protect your close ones and cover your loan obligations. The calculations are approximate and may differ from the offer received by you.

Swedbank Life Insurance SE processes your personal data by automated means, including profiling, to assess insurance risk, calculate premium and sum insured and conclude insurance contract. We process health and other data we receive from you and data we have in existing and previous insurance contracts and applications. We also process data shared by EE: Swedbank AB, such as your identification data, contact data, relationship status data (for example customer segment data), your age and financial data, if applicable. Contract conclusion may be fully automated. Please read more from our Principles of Processing Personal Data here.

Do you pay your family monthly bills, loan instalments, or take care of your children’s tuition and classes?

If the majority of these expenses are your responsibility, you may want to consider protecting your family’s finances in cases where you can no longer around to help them.

New! With additional trauma cover, you also get extra protection in the event of an accident, such as a bone fracture.

  • You will conveniently conclude a life insurance contract in the Internet Bank - without leaving home.
  • You can choose the life insurance amount yourself.
  • For only 4.90 Eur per month, you can purchase additional trauma cover the benefit of which will help prevent financial losses in the event of a serious injury. The maximum amount of trauma cover is EUR 20,000.
  • We also pay insurance benefit for total incapacity for work or death due to an accident or serious illness. According to the Institute of Hygiene, 80 percent of working-age deaths are linked to serious diseases*.

*Based on generalized data on the causes of death in 2019, which are published in the publication “Causes of Death in 2019” prepared by the specialists of the Death Cases and their Causes Monitoring Division of the Health Information Centre of the Institute of Hygiene

  • Trauma cover benefit helps in the event of an accident - an insured event. If you suffer a serious trauma (such as a bone fracture), you will receive an insurance benefit. Trauma cover does not apply to seasonal, infectious diseases (such as influenza, pneumonia) and chronic pain (such as knee or back pain).
  • Severe disability cover benefit would help you avoid financial difficulties if you lose your ability to work and lose your normal income as a result of an insured event.
  • Life insurance benefit in the event of your death could be received by the person you specify. Typically, the inheritance process takes several months, and your loved ones would receive a life insurance benefit within 30 days. This would help them overcome the financial challenges when you are no longer around.

You can conveniently conclude a life insurance agreement in the Internet Bank.

  1. First, calculate the premium amount in the life insurance calculator according to the required amount of insurance.
  2. Click 'Continue' to complete the required information and follow the other steps.

Life insurance and severe disability insurance cover take effect immediately upon conclusion of the insurance agreement. Trauma cover takes effect within 1 day from the signing of the insurance agreement.

If your life insurance agreement is linked to a loan granted by us, all insurance coverage will take effect within 1 day from the signing of the insurance agreement, but not earlier than on the day of disbursement of the credit or its part.

If your medical examination is required, it is performed free of charge.

Tell your family about your life insurance policy so they know where to go if something happens to you.

You can terminate the agreement at any time free of charge.

You can choose the amount of life insurance yourself. However, it is important to self-assess how much you and your loved ones would need.

The minimum life insurance amount is EUR 15,000.
The fixed amount of injury insurance is EUR 20,000.

We recommend choosing the amount of the insurance to cover:

  • the outstanding portion of the home loan so that your family has a home instead of a debt;
  • the amount of your income for necessary family expenses for at least two years;
  • other financial liabilities (outstanding consumer loan, car leasing, etc.).


Insurance cover Monthly payment
Life and disability insurance Depends on your age, state of health, sum insured and other risk factors.
Trauma insurance (selectable) 4.90 €
Service Monthly payment, EUR
Contract conclusion Free of charge
Contract amendment Free of charge
Early termination of the contract Free of charge

Effective from 2020.09.10



Life insurance to cover loan

In case of an insurance claim, fill in the application via Internet Banking or contact us by phone on +370 5 268 4444 or 1884 for information and further guidance.

Please be informed that:

  • In the case of death of the insured person, the sum insured will be paid to the person designated in the contract or inheritor.
  • In the event of a trauma the indemnity insurance amount will be paid to you directly.
  • In case of inability for work (disability) the indemnity insurance amount will be paid to you directly or to the beneficiary designated in the contract.
  • In the case of trauma protection, the person will be compensated for injuries (e.g. broken bones, tears) that have been caused by accidents (e.g. a fall, being hit, collision, attack). Trauma is not an illness (e.g. influenza, spondylosis), muscle pain caused by exercise or chronic pain (e.g. back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain).
  • Inability to work (disability) is capable to work by 30% or less, caused by long-term serious illness or injury, determined by the (local institution name) and issued for at least 12 months.
  • Insurer makes the decision and insurance indemnity is paid no later than within 30 calendar days from the date when all information and documents concerning the event is received.
Anti-bullying Service - designed to provide support for parents and their children in case of a bullying event that has happened in or outside school or on digital platforms.
The Anti-bullying service in Lithuania provides by the foundation “Fonds PLECS” by involving VŠĮ KULTIVUOTI and specialist(s) selected by the foundation and is available to customers who have concluded the life insurance contract types specified here for children living in the same household. Conflicts between children or adolescents can happen. Certain types of abusive relationships between children are called bullying and can result in greater stress, mental health problems and worse future prospects. Sometimes bullying can even endanger the child’s health or life. The service provides personalised support aimed at strengthening children’s conflict resolution skills and mental self-regulation in case of a bullying event. Swedbank is committed to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Anti-bullying service may contribute to the following of these goals - Good health and well-being, Quality education, and Peace, justice and strong institutions.
  • The service is available for both families and children who are experiencing bullying and families whose child is the offender in cases where parents are willing to solve their children´s offensive behaviour.
  • Available for children aged 6-17 (inclusive).
  • The customer is not charged anything extra for the service.

Find out more about what is bullying and the Anti-bullying Service here.

  • Parents get an assessment of whether the incident is bullying or a conflict.
  • Specific steps for parents to take immediately.
  • Individualised specialist support.
  • Practical tips if not bullying.
  • Quick response in critical cases.
  • Service expenses are covered.

Before applying for the service make sure that:

  • your insurance contract and insurance covers are valid when bullying has happened;
  • last incident has happened no more than 3 months ago.

Report here. There you have to:

  • register yourself and children;
  • provide case* details about bullying.

*Assessment of the case will be handled by Fonds Plecs.

Home is where the heart is and where you meet your loved ones. Make sure your home is covered with proper home insurance.

Invest in your child’s future right now – sign a contract in internet bank and accumulate funds for Your child‘s studies or for the beginning of his independent life.

Insurance that helps you with loan repayments in case of losing your job or capacity for work.


  • +370 5 268 4444 or 1884

Insurance claims handling

In the case of an insured event, please notify us either personally or via a family member at the earliest opportunity.

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