Risk life insurance

Life insurance supports your family when you are unable to do so

Insure your life if You have:

  • close ones you care about and who are dependent on your income;
  • no financial resources for coping with unexpected life changes;
  • loan commitments.

Find suitable life insurance


We can recommend life insurance if your age is between 18-69.


Life insurance can be recommended if your income is at least 300€.

Your loan obligations

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Life sum insured
Total insurance cover
Sum insured (life, traumas insurance)
Life sum insured
Mortgage null sum insured
Mortgage null sum insured
Mortgage null sum insured
No work ability sum insured
Trauma sum insured
Total first monthly payment
Total monthly premium

The insurance calculation is based on age, income, desire to protect your close ones and cover your loan obligations.

Swedbank Life Insurance SE processes your personal data by automated means, including profiling, to assess insurance risk, calculate premium and sum insured and conclude insurance contract. We process health and other data we receive from you and data we have in existing and previous insurance contracts and applications as well as data shared by “Swedbank” AB, such as age and loan data, if applicable. Contract conclusion may be fully automated. Please read more from our Principles of Processing Personal Data here.

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Who is it for?

Life insurance helps your loved ones overcome financial obstacles in case you are no longer able to support them.

Do you take care of your family's monthly utility bills? Do you repay loans on a monthly basis? Do you take care of the expenses related to your children’s education, hobby groups?

If these expenditures are your responsibility, you should think of creating a financial safety net for your family for cases when you cannot help them anymore.

What risks could be covered?

Life insurance and additional covers could:

  • Provide your family with financial support in case of your death;
  • Help you and your family financially if in case of illness or accident you become permanently incapable of work;
  • Help yourself and/or your family pay back loans in case of death or permanent incapacity of the insured (you).

For a more detailed overview, see Conditions and Fees.

What other risks can be covered?

Life insurance may be upgraded with additional covers.

  • Trauma cover helps you in the event of an accident in case of insured event. It provides additional insurance benefit if you incur serious injuries (such as bone fracture). It will not cover temporary illness such as flu or pneumonia.

For a more detailed overview, see Conditions and Fees.

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Insurance claims handling

In the case of an insured event, please notify us either personally or via a family member at the earliest opportunity.