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Safe pension fund

Investment life insurance, Safe pension fund (3rd Pillar)

Make your own savings for an additional pension and ensure carefree life once retired

  • You will not have to worry about investment – investing strategy will be individually tailored according to the pension accumulation term.
  • Amount to be paid is guaranteed, in case of negative return on investments upon the expiry of the agreement.
  • Possibility to pay bigger premiums at any time and thus to increase the amount to be accumulated or to pay smaller premiums in case of any financial difficulties.
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Safe Pension Fund Calculator

You will retire at age of   years, this will happen at  . Contract term would be   years and   months.

Favourable scenario

Moderate scenario

Unfavourable scenario

Projected market value of savings at contract end:

Total premiums:

Estimated annual average earning rates of underlying assets
Equities: 10,1% 4,5% -0,8%
Medium-term (5-7 years) bonds: 3,7% 2,2% 0,6%
Short-term (1-3 years) bonds: 1,7% 1,0% 0,4%
  Favourable scenario details Moderate scenario details Unfavourable scenario details
  • Calculations are made according to data of the Safe Child Fund, having considered standard fees for services and your selected average annual return of investments. This example is just for illustration and may not be treated as the insurer’s offer or insurer’s obligation to save the specified amount. The insurer does not guarantee profitability of investments or saved amount. During the term of the contract the saved amount may both increase and decrease.
  • Forecast made is just an example calculated following assumptions selected by you and does not guarantee that investment value of the contract will coincide with figures specified in the example.
  • We would like to draw attention that investment value of the contract may both increase and decrease, and is subject to actual profitability of investments. The insurer does not guarantee profitability of investments or saved amount. The insurer will pay the guarantee amount only provided the contract remains effective until maturity date and investment amount on maturity date is less than the guarantee amount. This forecast is prepared, having considered standard fees applicable for the Safe Child Fund. Please apply for details the closest division of Swedbank, call 1884 or mail at the address:
  • The calculator uses indicators and calculating logic (planned amount of insurance payment, length of collection period, expected yield and its scenarios) that differ significantly from the requirements set for main information of combined retail and insurance-based investment products. In making a choice regarding an insurance product please review the results of the forecasts set out in the yield scenario table under ‘What are the risks and what could I get in return?’ in the Key Information document.
  • 'Safe Pension Fund' is an investment life insurance service designed for those who want to accumulate funds for their pension independently. The service is provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE, Lithuanian Branch via its agent Swedbank, AB.
  • By making regular contributions, by the age of retirement you can save sufficient money for a more comfortable life. Besides, whatever you save in the Safe Pension Fund will belong to you. In case of your death, the saved amount will be paid to your heirs or to the beneficiaries named in the insurance agreement.
  • Upon signing Safe Pension Fund agreement, the investment strategy is individually tailored to your needs and depends on accumulation period.
  • Paying premiums is convenient and easy – they can be automatically debited from your e-account once a month on your chosen day. You are free to determine the amount of a premium to increase or reduce it according to your financial situation or the desired amount of savings.
  • The invested amount is covered by guarantee. The guarantee means that once the insurance agreement expires and return on investments is negative, you will be paid the guarantee amount, i.e. the total amount of paid premiums, minus the charges established in the Safe Pension Fund agreement. The guarantee is applied if the investment value is smaller than the guarantee amount upon the expiry of the agreement. Please note that in case of termination of the Safe Pension Fund agreement before term or its termination in other cases (in case of death), no guarantee is applied.
  • The State encourages this saving method and applies tax rebates for accumulative life insurance premiums. Therefore, every year you will be able to benefit from the rebate on the income tax of individuals, and recover up to 20 % of the total premiums paid.* The maximum amount of the tax premiums paid per year from which the tax payer can recover 20 % is EUR 1500.

    More information here.

    * i.e. premiums according to accumulative life insurance contracts, to pension funds, associations of participants of occupational retirement funds, and/or analogous entities operating in a State of the European Economic Area.

Life insurance supports your family when you are unable to do so.

Invest in your child’s future right now – sign a contract in internet bank and accumulate funds for Your child‘s studies or for the beginning of his independent life

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