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Travel insurance

When going abroad, take travel insurance with you

With Swedbank travel insurance, you will:

  • Have EUR 750 000 value insurance to cover medical expenses.
  • Be able to choose special covers for risky activities and sports trips.
  • Be prepared for unplanned travel disruptions (flight delays, cancelations, etc.) or if you are unable to leave for unexpected reasons.
Please be aware that form 22 February 2024, in case of medical assistance and trip interruption we consider the covid-19 disease equally to other diseases which are not excluded in terms and conditions of travel Insurance.

Travel insurance calculator

Scope of coverages

It entitles to compensation for emergency medical aid expenses incurred abroad due to health deterioration during the Trip (as a result of an injury of severe illness). We will also indemnify for the following: Emergency dental assistance and medical facilities purchase expenses of up to EUR 200 per insured event. If during the travel a bodily injury is suffered as a result of an accident, the insurance indemnity will be payed. The amount of insurance indemnity will depend on the character of the bodily injury. Indemnity will also be payed if a person dies, partially or fully loses his/her work ability due to the accident.
Cover "Accident insurance" is provided only if you will choose "Medical assistance (expenses) insurance" cover.
The insurance compensates the expenses of the restoration or replacement of personal belongings which you take with you to the Trip due to a sudden unforeseen event during the Trip (including theft). This insurance cover is intended to compensate for losses related to an unforeseen/sudden route/itinerary change (including: Travel cancellation - is effective 3 days after entry into the insurance contract; interruption), flight ticket change, flight departure delay, and luggage delay. Insurance cover is needed to indemnify property damage which might be caused to third parties and when civil liability is entailed.
Cover "Liability and legal assistance insurance" is provided only if you will choose "Property insurance" and "Travel disruption insurance".
  • Additional cover "Hazardous activities insurance" can be bought only if you will choose "Medical assistance (expenses) insurance".
  • Additional cover "Working abroad" can be bought only if you will choose "Medical assistance (expenses) insurance".
  • This additional cover can be bought only together with covers "Medical assistance (expenses) insurance", "Property insurance" and "Travel disruption insurance".

Age of insured person If you conclude travel insurance for several people, add their ages here.

Log into the internet bank if you wish to receive an insurance offer for more than 5 travellers at once.

Swedbank P&C Insurance AS processes your personal data by automated means, including profiling if you are an insured person and choose medical cover, to assess insurance risk, calculate premium and conclude insurance contract. We process data we receive from you and data we have about your trustworthiness as well as data shared by “Swedbank” AB, such as your identification and contact data and your age. Contract conclusion may be fully automated.

Please read more in our Principles of Processing Personal Data here.

Travel insurance doesn’t take any space in your backpack and helps you with unexpected events when travelling abroad.

  • Most often travel plans get interrupted by illness or delay in transport. On average, the losses exceed € 1000.
  • Medical expenses for treating illnesses or traumas abroad can be very high. Especially when special transportation (f.e. helicopter) is needed. On average, the losses exceed € 5000.
  • Average loss for damaged luggage or stolen property is € 480.
  • You get 750 000 € medical assistance insurance covers medical care and transport expenses.
  • You get 10 000 € accident insurance covers bodily injuries experienced when traveling.
  • You can choose the cover sums for travel disruption insurance cover, luggage and personal items insurance cover.
  • Your active leisure will also be insured without additional fee. More

NB! The excess of €30 applies when something happens to your property, the travel itinerary changes or liability and legal assistance are needed.

Choose an additional cover if you’re going to engage in:

  • Hazardous activities insurance
    Choose this extra cover, if you’re planning to enjoy increased-risk activities or extreme sports such as off-piste skiing/snowboarding, diving to depths of more than 10 m, mountain hiking at altitudes 4500 m to 5500 m above sea level, etc.). More
  • Sports trip
    This insurance extends the Property and Travel disruption insurance. It will give an additional sum to insure your sports equipment and give you a closed tracks insurance.
  • Working abroad
    Choose this extra cover when travelling abroad for employment or practical training.

Find the detailed overview in the terms and conditions.

  1. Choose the suitable covers for your trip and calculate premium.
  2. Fill in the contract with personal data. Add travel companions if needed.
  3. Conclude an insurance contract by paying a premium in the internet bank.
  4. The insurance cover will take effect the day after the contract comes into force and the trip cancellation cover starts 3 days after the insurance contract comes into force.
  5. Enjoy your trip!

In case of medical expenses exceeding €1,000 please contact us first by phone +370 5 268 4444.

In case of other unexpected events:

Fill out claim form

Our claim handling specialist will contact you and provide further guidance.

  • In case your belongings get stolen, make a statement at the local police station.
  • If your flight is delayed or cancelled, be sure to get a flight delay certificate at the airport.
  • If your baggage gets damaged in the airport or gets delayed, register this event at the airport‘s baggage service.
  • Please keep all the invoices and certificates about the expenses for claims handling!

For any additional information please call us on +370 5 268 4444.

Book and pay for hotels and use car rental services.

Make sure your home is insured when you go travelling.

Travelling by car? Make sure you are covered for unexpected events on the road.

Insure your car in just a few minutes and get 10 free roadside assistance services.


The insurance services are provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Lithuanian Branch through its representative Swedbank, AB. You can review the Travel Insurance Rules and download their copy here.

Insurance claims handling

In case of medical expenses exceeding 1000 €, please contact us first by phone.

Take care of your safety with Travel insurance which now includes COVID-19 insurance cover

For trips taking place starting from 6 May 2021 we're offering a Travel Insurance COVID-19 cover without an additional fee. It provides a wider risk coverage and protection from unexpected costs than the regular Travel Insurance. The COVID-19 insurance cover is automatically valid when abroad if any of the preconditions apply:

  • Document stating that you have taken a COVID-19 test to detect the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus RNA or antigen up to 72 hours prior to the start of your trip and the test result is negative. In this case the cover is valid for the first 30 days of your trip.
  • Confirmation that you have been infected with COVID-19 within the last 6 months and you are recovered.
  • Full vaccination certificate.

Preconditions apply to children starting from age of 12.

Preconditions are not needed if trip is cancelled due to COVID-19 sickness or self-isolation before the trip.

For example, we will compensate COVID-19 related medical expenses abroad, if you need medical assistance. Or travel cancellation costs before the trip if you: have received a positive coronavirus test, or you are a close contact person and have to stay in isolation (quarantine).

Travel disruption caused by authorities (e.g. closed borders, lockdowns) is not covered even in case of pandemic/epidemic.

Carefully consider the need to go abroad.

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