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MTPL Insurance

Compulsory insurance for your car

Just a few steps and compulsory car insurance* is yours! With this insurance:

  • Free roadside assistance 24 hours a day. Find out more.
  • Lower payment if you choose the e-invoice auto-pay method.
  • Possibility to choose the insurance period – from 1 to 12 months.

* Compulsory car insurance is compulsory insurance against civil liability of motorists.

Get insurance in just a few minutes 10 different roadside assistance services Simple and fast claim registration in the Internet Bank

Calculate how much car insurance would cost you

If your vehicle is not registered in Republic of Lithuania or it does not have a vehicle plate number, please call us +370 5268 4444 regarding the insurance of the vehicle If the owner of the insured vehicle is a natural person, enter his personal identification number. If the vehicle belongs to a company (legal entity), enter the company code. If the vehicle is leased - enter the vehicle holder’s identification number or company code.

To get an insurance offer for business, click here.

Swedbank P&C Insurance AS processes your personal data by automated means, including profiling you if you are the vehicle owner and/or responsible user, to assess insurance risk, calculate premium and conclude insurance contract. Contract conclusion may be fully automated. Learn more

More information on our Principles of Processing Client Data is available here.

Roadside assistance 24/7

If your car battery is dead, we will provide initial assistance with starting your car’s engine.
If you are unable to continue your journey due to a flat tyre and you have a spare wheel, we will help you replace the flat tyre.
If you run out of fuel, we will deliver fuel to your nearest petrol station.
If you cannot unlock your car door (you have lost your keys or locked them inside the car), we can provide an emergency door release service.
If you have suffered a health problem while driving and an ambulance has been called, we will transport your car and the trailer attached to it (if it is covered by a valid Swedbank insurance contract) to a specified location or to a storage site (you will pay for the storage).
If your car needs to be towed onto the carriageway, we will provide this service. This service is available on motorways within 5 metres of the road boundary.
If you have an accident and are unable to continue your journey on your own, we will provide a free transport service for your car and the trailer attached to it (if it is covered by a valid Swedbank insurance contract). To use this service, please have a completed and signed accident declaration or a police certificate (if you are required to call the police under Lithuanian law).
If your car is being transported after a traffic accident and you and your passengers cannot fit in the cab of the truck, we will provide a Taxi service for up to EUR 50.
If you have been involved in a traffic accident, we will give you advice on completing the accident report by phone +370 5 268 4444. There is no limit to the number of calls.
If you have misfuelling, we will transport your car and the trailer attached to it (if it is covered by a valid Swedbank Insurance Contract) to the nearest garage or to a location specified by you.

The Roadside Assistance service is provided free of charge for motor vehicles of natural persons with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 t. The service is available in Lithuania, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The process of concluding a car insurance contract is convenient and fast. All you need to do:

Enter the details of the vehicle and its owner/operator.

Choose insurance start date, the e-invoice auto-payment method and the coverage period.

Review the information provided and conclude the contract. The first payment will be automatically deducted from your account.

That is it!

In case of injuries, fatalities or other emergencies, call the emergency number 112.

Fill in the accident declaration form.

Report the accident to us by registering the accident in the Internet Bank.

Should you have more questions, contact us via +370 5 268 4444.

Incident Reporting

Contact the General Emergency Centre by dialling 112 if:

  • there are injuries or fatalities;
  • there is a disagreement about who caused the accident (who was at fault);
  • you caused the damage but you do not know who owns the vehicle or property;
  • a third party has been injured or the accident involves more than two vehicles;
  • there is a fire or explosion.

Topical questions about compulsory car insurance

Cars used in Lithuania must be covered by compulsory motor third party liability insurance. If a car is not insured, it is not allowed to participate in road traffic. The following vehicles can be covered by compulsory motor insurance: cars and trucks, motorcycles, scooters, buses and trolleybuses, trailers and other self-propelled machinery.

Choosing Swedbank’s compulsory car insurance not only makes it easy and convenient for you to conclude the insurance contract, but also allows you to change and manage it using the Internet Bank. Benefits of the contract:

  • Possibility to choose the insurance period – from 1 to 12 months.
  • Lower insurance price by choosing e-invoice auto-payment – this way you will always have compulsory insurance.
  • Free roadside assistance 24 hours a day in Lithuania in case of an insured event.
  • The insurance is valid in more than 30 countries. When going abroad, activate and print your Green Card in your Internet Bank.

Compulsory car insurance can cover:

  • damage to the property of an injured third party caused by a traffic accident;
  • damage to the injured third party;
  • and/or non-pecuniary damage or damage that occurs later as a consequence of the accident.

Roadside assistance is a package of free, round-the-clock services in Lithuania. The Roadside Assistance service is provided for motor vehicles of natural persons with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 t. It will come in handy if you need it unexpectedly:

  • primary assistance with starting your car’s engine;
  • changing a flat tyre when you have a spare wheel;
  • getting fuel when it runs out;
  • unlocking a door if it has slammed or you have lost your key;
  • towing the car onto the carriageway;
  • taking your car to the workshop in case of an accident;
  • transporting a car in case of health problems;
  • transporting a car after fuel mixing;
  • Taxi services if you and your passengers cannot fit in the cab in the event of an accident;
  • telephone assistance after an accident.

The full list of free services and the conditions can be found here.

All cars participating in public traffic must be covered by compulsory car insurance. If you take out a contract with Swedbank and decide not to use your car for a certain period, you can suspend the compulsory car insurance contract. If you intend to stay off the road for more than a month, you can suspend your car insurance by filling in an application for exemption from paying the insurance payments. The minimum suspension period is 1 month and the maximum is until the end of the insurance contract. If you want to suspend your contract, you can do this in the Internet Bank: select My contracts > Suspend the agreement temporary/Terminate the suspension. You can check the insurability of your car using the tool of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania. You can find the tool here.
  • If the insurance contract was concluded in your name, you can request the cancellation of the contract in the Internet Bank: select My Contracts > Terminate contract.
  • If you are the owner of the vehicle, but the contract is signed in the name of someone else, you can fill in the cancellation request here.
Once you have concluded a compulsory car insurance contract, the Green Card will be issued free of charge and will only come into force when you activate it. You can activate the card in your Internet Bank: select My contracts > Get a green card. Once activated, you will always find the Green Card in your contract documents.

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We process data we receive from you and from The Motor Insurers‘ Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania including data of vehicle, its owner´s and/or responsible user´s identification and contact data and data about previously concluded insurance contracts and occurred insured events. If data about contracts and insured events is not available in register, we will use the data we have. We also process your identification and contact data shared by “Swedbank” AB.
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