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Home insurance

20% discount

Home gives a sense of security

Get home insurance & feel confident and at ease about:

  • Your flat or house & its facilities including solar panels.
  • Your personal belongings at home or when taken with you anywhere in Lithuania;
  • Unintentional damage to your neighbours, guests or other people.

Discount is applied to insurance premiums for the first year when concluding a new Home insurance contract and choosing Home contents insurance together with Liability insurance during 11 January and 14 February.

Home insurance calculator

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* The calculated offer is based on a 15000 Eur incurance limit on home contents and liability.

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Home insurance will secure your home and protect you from unexpected losses in case of different mishaps at home. Here are the covers you should consider include:

  • Real estate insurance will cover unexpected damage caused to your flat or house. It includes cover for built-in furniture (e.g. kitchen), fences, gates, playgrounds, greenhouses up to 20m² & solar panels installed on the roof of your house or its facilities or on a land plot belonging to insured house (insurance does not cover commercial solar panels). In case of damage, your home will be completely restored.
  • Home contents insurance will cover damage caused to your personal items. It includes theft, burglary and various accidents, e.g. valuable things (electrical appliances, sports equipment, etc.) broken by yourself or your children. There are a few limitations for home contents cover.
  • Liability insurance will cover damage caused to others. It will come in handy in case you happen to flood your neighbour's apartment, a tree in your yard falls onto the neighbour's house during storm or if your dog claws at your neighbour's car.
  • We offer proper insurance with wide risk cover: any unexpected event is insured if it’s not listed in the exceptions.
  • We insure the real estate at its reinstatement value, which means that it will be completely restored with modern building and furnishing materials.
  • We offer wide cover and high sums for home contents.
  • We’ll reimburse for expenses of renting a temporary residence for up to 12 months. Loss of rent income is also covered.
  • Insurance is valid for your personal belongings even outside home anywhere in Lithuania.
  • Our liability insurance is valid in the whole of Lithuania if the insurance contract includes home contents insurance.
  • The annual premium doesn’t depend on your payment schedule.
  • Cover for lock replacement expenses included if property keys are lost, stolen or damaged by a third party.
  • You don’t need to provide a list or photos of your home contents items for concluding home insurance.
  • No requirement to have a home security system.
  • Insurance is valid for your bicycle or baby stroller as long as it has been locked or otherwise fixed to an immovable object.
  • Home insurance excess is 57 €. There’s no excess for replacing the locks.
  • No excess for liability insurance.
  • We don’t insure real estate that is used for commercial activity and short term rent.
  1. Choose covers suitable for your flat or house, its contents and liability and calculate the premium.
  2. Fill in the blanks about the property to be insured and other contract details.
  3. Make the first payment and conclude the insurance contract via Internet Banking.
  4. Insurance cover will come into effect from the date chosen in contract or on the next day after concluding it. The insurance policy is always available in your Internet Banking profile.

Make sure to call the emergency services or property management company if necessary. If the situation is safe, please notify us via Internet Banking as soon as possible.

Fill out the insurance claim form

Our claim handling specialist will contact you shortly after receiving it and will provide further guidance.

  • If a third party has caused damage to your home or home contents, as well as in a case of theft or burglary, report it to the police immediately. Also notify your security service if it has not been alarmed by the security system.
  • In case of fire or explosion, please immediately notify emergency services.
  • If you are unable to close off the pipes damaged in the incident, contact the emergency service or your property management company.
  • If, as a result of water leak, your home is flooded or there is a risk of flooding your neighbours, please notify your property management company.

Life insurance supports your family when you are unable to do so.

With CASCO insurance you will be covered for unexpected events on the road.

If you are planning to borrow more than 5000 EUR for home improvement, we recommend taking a look at the condition of this loan.


The insurance services are provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Lithuanian Branch through its representative Swedbank, AB.

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