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Credit card liability insurance

  • The highest indemnity was 1265 € for incapacity to work*
  • Every week 19 claims were reported
  • The average indemnity for unemployment was 421 €*

Less financial unexpectedness – even used limit of your credit card can be insured

Having bought credit card liability insurance, you will receive indemnity in case of insured event, if:

  • you lose your job unexpectedly;
  • you are incapable to work for over 30 days because of your or your minor child's illness, accident or trauma.
  • You will pay insurance premiums only when using your credit card limit. And only 0.6% of the used amount.


*A summary of losses in 2018 according to the data of Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Lithuania branch on outpaid insurance indemnities.

Please be informed that the unemployment cover shall enter into force upon lapse of 90 days after insurance contract takes effect.

How much would it cost?

Used credit card limit at the end of month
Insurance payment
The calculation is indicative. Your Credit Cover premium varies month to month depending on the credit limit used as of the last day of each month.
How does this insurance work?

Credit card liability insurance will come handy if repayment of used credit limit of a credit card becomes complicated or impossible for you.

  • Insurance cover will take effect in case of incapacity to work for over 30 days because of your or your minor child's illness and in case of job loss.
  • You will receive indemnity to help you to cover used credit card limit, when you do not receive your usual incomes.
  • You will pay insurance premiums only when using your credit card limit.
  • Insurance premium is only 0.6% of the used credit limit. E.g., if you use EUR 100, insurance premium will be EUR 0.60.
  • For the first 11 months of unemployment or incapacity to work, you will receive indemnity of 5 percent of the used credit card limit. On the last – twelfth – month of incapacity to work, you will receive the remaining amount of the used credit limit as an indemnity.
  • To review your signed credit card agreements, log on to Internet banking.
What events are covered?

In case of incapacity for work

If you or your child gets ill unexpectedly, suffers a trauma, etc., and a treatment that lasts more than 30 days is required, we will provide indemnity for partial repayment of your credit card liabilities.

In case of unemployment

We will pay you the indemnity, if for example, you are offered an agreement to terminate employment, you are given a notice of termination of the contract due to downsizing or eliminating your position in a reorganised company.

The unemployment cover will take effect 90 days after the insurance contract has come into force.

The indemnity will be calculated starting from 30 days after the insured event.

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