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Senior Programme

Safe, simple and more convenient everyday banking!

Special fees, safe and very convenient finance management and electronic banking for your convenience!

  • Use the Service Plan "Convenient" for participants of the "Senior Programme" for a special monthly fee
  • Exceptional terms and conditions for saving solutions
  • Special property insurance offers

Swedbank "Senior Programme" enables senior clients to manage their finance in a more simple and convenient way.

We offer various benefits for the programme participants ranging from special everyday fees for banking services to special offers for insurance and saving solutions.

The programme is intended for our clients, who have reached the old-age pension age and receive the social insurance old-age pension.

Service Plan "Convenient" for participants of the "Senior Programme" – only EUR 0,70 Eur/month. The programme includes:

  • Unlimited electronic EUR-denominated payments in Lithuania and the countries of the European Economic Area.*
  • Contactless debit card.**
  • Free of charge cash withdrawals at ATMs of "Swedbank" for the amount below EUR580/month.
More information about Service Plans

* Electronic payments in euros can be made to EU Member States, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, shared payments (SHA) where the indicated details are the beneficiary’s bank SWIFT (BIC) code, and the beneficiary’s account in IBAN format. Payments shall mean ordinary money transfers, recurring payments and ordinary payments of electronic invoices.
** The Service Plan shall be applicable to one debit card held by the client (contactless "Debit Mastercard", "Maestro Lust", "Senior card" or "Debit Mastercard").

Electronic banking – smart yet comprehensible

Try "Smart-ID"

Use your phone to login in to the Internet Bank and "Swedbank" application! "Smart-ID" can be used and downloaded for free!

More about "Smart-ID"
PIN-code generator free of charge

Participants of the "Senior Programme" can obtain the PIN-code generator used to login to the Internet Bank and "Swedbank" application free of charge.

Further information
Card payments without PIN code

If your debit card is a contactless debit card, perform faster payments in stores. For purchases of EUR 50 or less all you need is just tap your card to the POS terminal.

More information about the contacless card

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