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For salary receivers

Long-term benefits and better conditions

Have your salary paid into your Swedbank account, and enjoy extra benefits!

  • Service plan “Convenient” for salary receivers
  • Smart banking solutions
  • Extra benefits for insurance and financing services 
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Service plan “Convenient” for salary receivers – EUR 1.10

  • Send and receive unlimited electronic payments in euros throughout Lithuania and countries of the European Economic Area*
  • Contactless debit payment card – EUR 0 per month**
  • EUR 580 per month cash withdrawal free of charge at Swedbank ATMs
  • Unlimited money transfers in euro in the internet bank
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“Swedbank” smart app lets you

  • tap to check your account balance
  • receive free-of-charge notifications on every credit and debit operation
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Log in using “Smart-ID”

Log in to the smart app or Internet Bank using your free-of-charge “Smart-ID”. It’s the new-generation way to log in: there’s no need for a code card or PIN code generator – all you need is your smart phone!

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How to apply for the Swedbank offer?

documentFill in a free application form application requesting to receive have your salary paid into your “Swedbank” account. Submit the signed application to your employer. Enjoy all the advantages of receiving your salary at into your the bank “Swedbank account”!

* Electronic payments in euros to EU states, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland; shared payments (SHA) where the indicated details are the beneficiary’s bank SWIFT(BIC) code, and the beneficiary’s account in IBAN format. Payments shall be ordinary money transfers, periodic payments and ordinary payments of e-invoices.
** The Service Plan shall include one held debit card (Maestro, Maestro Basic, VISA Electron, Debit MasterCard or Contactless Debit MasterCard). The Bank, at its own discretion, will choose and include in the Service Plan one of the above-specified debit cards held by the client (at the client’s request, other debit cards held by the client may be included in the Service Plan), which later will be renewed and replaced by the card specified in the Service Plan. The client’s debit card included in the Service Plan shall not be eligible for any other discounts, unless the Bank specifies otherwise.

Contactless Classic or Gold credit card “Mastercard” with a 50% discount*

  • Classic card administration fee for the first 6 months – EUR 0.72 per month (standard fee – EUR 1.44 per month)
  • Gold card administration fee for the first 6 months – EUR 1.74 per month (standard fee – EUR 3.47 per month)
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Casco insurance – 10% off

We recommend choosing this type of insurance if you want to avoid unexpected costs, and we offer:

  • a wide insurance cover;
  • 24h roadside assistance anywhere in Europe;
  • flexible payments – pay on a monthly basis (without increasing the annual premium).

In order to use the special Casco insurance offer, call us +370 5 268 4444 or 1884 or book a consultation here.

The offer is valid until 2024 February 29th.

Information regarding potential risks

Please note that by using financial services, you assume financial obligations. Improper fulfilment of your financial obligations may negatively affect your credit history, increase the price of credit and initiate enforced recovery procedures. If the lease agreement is terminated due to material breach on your side, you may lose any payments already made, as well as the rights to the financed property.

Typical example of a total consumer credit annual percentage rate calculation with regard to credit cards:

If you apply for a loan amounting to EUR 1,500 with a loan agreement duration of 42 months, the monthly amount of the principal is EUR 375; a fixed annual credit interest rate of 19% is also applied; and the monthly minimum daily banking fee, as established by the Bank, is to paid (EUR 0.70 per month).

Classic credit card monthly administration fee is EUR 1.44. One-off issuance fee is EUR 3. Total consumer credit annual percentage rate (AR) is 23%. The total amount paid by the recipient of the consumer loan is EUR 2,552; Gold credit card monthly administration fee is EUR 3.47. One-off issuance fee is EUR 5. Total consumer credit annual percentage rate (AR) is 24.9%. The total amount paid by the recipient of the consumer loan is EUR 2,627.

Typical example of total consumer credit annual percentage rate calculation with regard to car lease (for natural persons who have acquired leased assets for personal, family or household purposes, but not for business or professional purposes):

Assumptions: Price of the car selected – EUR 15,000; agreement term – 60 months; advance payment made by the client – 20%; financed amount – EUR 12,000; interest rate – 3%; agreement fee – 150 EUR (monthly instalment – EUR 215.62). In order to receive a consumer loan, the client must have (open) an account with “Swedbank”, AB, with a set minimum daily services fee of EUR 0.70 per month. The client must also, at his/her own expense, buy insurance for the car from an insurance company acceptable to “Swedbank lizingas”, under conditions laid down in the agreement (insurance cost is not included in the total consumer credit annual percentage rate). The total consumer credit annual percentage rate is then equal to 3.7 percent, and the total consumer loan cost payable by the recipient of the consumer loan would amount to EUR 13,098.49. Calculations of the total consumer credit annual percentage rate and the total amount payable by the recipient of the consumer loan are based on the assumptions that the agreement will be valid for the entire duration of the agreement; the total loan amount will be paid out on the day of signing the agreement; the parties to the agreement will fulfil their obligations arising from the agreement by respecting the terms and conditions set out therein; the annual interest rate, the amount of fees and other charges paid by the client will remain the same as at the time of concluding the agreement, and will continue to be applied until its expiry.

*The offer shall be valid only for newly ordered cards to which no other special offers, discounts and promotions apply. The offer shall not be valid when ordering the main card, if the person ordering it holds or held within 18 months before the day of the order:

  • any other valid main card, except for a fixed payment card, when ordering Classic card.
  • a valid main Gold, Platinum card, when ordering a Gold card.
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Jūsų Internet Explorer naršyklė nebepalaikoma.

Prašome naudoti Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ar Microsoft Edge naršykles.

Nuo 2021 03 23 nebebus galima jungtis prie „Swedbank“ interneto banko naudojantis naršykle „Internet Explorer“.

Taip pat nebebus galima tvirtinti ar vykdyti mokėjimų iš „Swedbank“ kituose tinklalapiuose naudojantis „Internet Explorer“.

Siūlome Jums naudotis naršyklėmis „Google Chrome“, „Mozilla Firefox“ ar naujausia „Microsoft Edge“ versija. Norėdami sužinoti, kaip įdiegti naršykles spauskite čia.

С 23.03.2021 Интернет-банк Swedbank недоступен в браузере Internet Explorer.

С помощью Internet Explorer невозможно авторизоваться или осуществлять платежи через Swedbank на сторонних веб-страницах.

Вместо браузера Internet Explorer мы рекомендуем использовать браузеры Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox или Microsoft Edge. Инструкции по установке упомянутых браузеров можно найти здесь.

From 23.03.2021 Swedbank Internet Bank and Banklink is no longer available using Internet Explorer browser.

It is not possible to authorize or make payments from Swedbank on other web pages using Internet Explorer.

Instead, we suggest using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the newest version of Microsoft Edge. To find out how to install the suggested browsers, please click here.

  • Jūsų įrenginio operacinė sistema ir interneto naršyklė yra pasenusi ir nėra palaikoma Swedbank interneto banke. Prašome atnaujinti operacinę sistemą bei interneto naršyklę arba kreiptis į IT specialistus techninės pagalbos.
  • The operating system of your device & your browser are too outdated to be supported by Swedbank Internet Bank. Please, update the operating system & browser or turn to IT specialist for technical help.
  • Ваш браузер или операционная система недостаточно современны для использования в интернет банке Swedbank. Пожалуйста обновите операционную систему и браузер или обратитесь за технической помощью к ИТ специалисту.

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For extra security close the browser window. If you wish to continue using Internet bank, please log in again.