For salary receivers

Long-term benefits and better conditions

Have your salary paid into your Swedbank account, and enjoy extra benefits!

  • Service plan “Convenient” for salary receivers
  • Smart banking solutions
  • Extra benefits for insurance and financing services 

Service plan “Convenient” for salary receivers – EUR 0.90

  1. Send and receive unlimited electronic payments in euros throughout Lithuania and countries of the European Economic Area*
  2. Contactless debit payment card – EUR 0 per month**
  3. EUR 580 per month cash withdrawal free of charge at Swedbank ATMs
  4. Unlimited money transfers in euro in the internet bank

Smart apps for your convenience

“Swedbank” smart app lets you

  • transfer amounts up to EUR 30 from your templates with the speed of an SMS
  • tap to check your account balance
  • receive free-of-charge notifications on every credit and debit operation
More information about the “Swedbank” smart app

Log in using “Smart-ID”

Log in to the smart app or Internet Bank using your free-of-charge “Smart-ID”. It’s the new-generation way to log in: there’s no need for a code card or PIN code generator – all you need is your smart phone!

Find out more about Smart-ID

How to apply for the “Swedbank” offer?

Submit the signed application to your employer.
Enjoy all the advantages of receiving your salary at into your the bank “Swedbank account”!

* Electronic payments in euros to EU states, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland; shared payments (SHA) where the indicated details are the beneficiary’s bank SWIFT(BIC) code, and the beneficiary’s account in IBAN format. Payments shall be ordinary money transfers, periodic payments and ordinary payments of e-invoices.
** The Service Plan shall include one held debit card (Maestro, Maestro Basic, VISA Electron, Debit MasterCard or Contactless Debit MasterCard). The Bank, at its own discretion, will choose and include in the Service Plan one of the above-specified debit cards held by the client (at the client’s request, other debit cards held by the client may be included in the Service Plan), which later will be renewed and replaced by the card specified in the Service Plan. The client’s debit card included in the Service Plan shall not be eligible for any other discounts, unless the Bank specifies otherwise.