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Youth Programme

What is important to know?

  • Participants. This game is free for all Swedbank Youth Programme members.
  • Tasks. You will be asked interesting financial literacy questions that will consolidate your financial knowledge.
  • Points and prizes. For every correct answer you get points which you can exchange for cool prizes!

Read the terms of use and privacy policy of the Knowledge Quiz game.

Join become the master of your finances

News – special partner Apollo Cinema's 50% discount offer on movie tickets.

If you're between 6 and 22 (inclusive) years old, join the Youth Programme and without a plan fee:

82 % of Youth Programme participants rate us excellent!*

* Based on the 2023 Youth Programme Participant Survey.

dialog I think it's not just a bank, it's a place where I can expand my financial knowledge – it's simple and quick.

dialog Swedbank is a bank that takes its customers into account, provides activities for young people and expands their knowledge through various educational games!

dialog Convenient, fast, modern.

dialog The bank my whole family uses because it is innovative, modern and convenient.

dialog Youthful, extremely easy to use, simple, always working!

0.00 per month

  • Service plan “Convenient” with no extra charges.
  • Mastercard WEB payment card at no extra cost.
  • Free cash withdrawals in all countries up to EUR 290 per calendar month.
  • Financial literacy game “Knowledge Quiz”.
  • Access to the Internet Bank and smart app.
More information on the Youth Programme conditions and fees

Contactless Mastercard WEB

  • Make secure contactless payments.
  • Pay for your purchases online and at merchants around the world.
  • Withdraw up to EUR 290 (per calendar month) tax-free worldwide.
  • Issued only to Youth Programme participants.
  • New! From now on, contactless Mastercard WEB card is issued with a new design element – a cut-out on the edge of the card, which will make it even easier to identify the right card.
  • All newly issued Contactless Mastercard WEB cards are made of recycled plastic!
More information

Have you heard about Swedbank’s gift for 18-year-olds?

We are giving 18-year-old participants of the Youth Programme a gift of EUR 20 worth of units of Swedbank Robur fund to start investing!

We hope that this gift will help young people to better manage their finances and start their successful investment journey. Interested? Find out more about this gift!

Cinema Apollo Kinas

50% discount on tickets on the first Wednesday of the month

Apollo Kinas cinema

From now on, Youth Programme members can buy tickets for films screened on the first Wednesday of each month (by selecting the "Regular Ticket" category) at a 50% discount.


  • The discount is applied at the time of ticket purchase by entering the unique discount code on the Apollo Kinas cinema website, in the mobile app at the self-service box office, at the cinema information desk.

    Important! The discount code is displayed when you log in to your Internet Bank.

  • The discount can only be used once per month (during one shopping trip) by one person for a maximum of 5 tickets of the category "Regular ticket".
  • The discounts are not cumulative and do not apply to special screenings, events, film festivals. Offer is not valid on public holidays non.
  • If the first Wednesday of the month falls on a public holiday or public holiday, the offer will be extended to the following Wednesday of that month.
  • The discount applies to all categories of chairs and 3D films.

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Join the game Knowledge Quiz!

Complete the challenges, collect points and exchange them for cool prizes!

What is important to know?
How to register to a game?

Manage your finances in a smart way

Swedbank application

  • Sign in with Smart-ID, PIN or biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition).
  • Pay with your phone using Google Pay™, Apple Pay and contactless payments.
  • Manage your card and check your PIN.
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My Budget and E-Saver tools

  • Keep track of all your income and expenses with the My Budget tool.
  • Start using the E-Saver and you'll never know how much money you've saved for your goals.

Smart money transfer

  • Get money from a friend by sending them a text message requesting a money transfer.
  • Transfer money to friends using a phone number.
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Contactless payments and account verification

  • Pay with your phone using Google Pay™, Apple Pay and contactless payments.
  • Track all your transactions in one place - transfers and card payments.
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How to become a participant?

If your parents are Swedbank customers, ask them to fill in the account application online. The application will allow you to choose to become a participant of the Swedbank Youth Programme.

Complete the application
  1. Together with at least one parent or guardian, pre-register at the branch at a time of your choice. If you don't want to or can't make it, you don't have to.
  2. When you arrive at the branch, bring:

    • the adult's identity document (passport or ID card);
    • your birth certificate or an extract from your birth certificate;
    • proof of guardianship if you have a guardian who will accompany you to the bank branch.
  1. Get the consent of at least one parent or guardian to join the Youth Programme:

    • Online - if the parent is a Swedbank customer and uses Internet Bank.
    • At a bank branch of your choice.
  2. Sign the Swedbank Youth Programme Participant Agreement at a bank branch.
  3. If you are already a Swedbank customer and use Internet Bank, you can become a Youth Programme participant by logging into your Swedbank account.
  4. Important! Before coming to a Swedbank branch, register in advance at the time of your choice. You must bring:

    • adult's ID (passport or ID card) if one parent is travelling together;
    • if you have your own ID (passport or ID card);
    • your birth certificate or an extract from your birth certificate;
    • proof of guardianship, if you have a guardian who is travelling with you.

Important! If you do not have an identity document (passport or ID card), you will only be served at the bank branch by a parent or a nominated guardian.

  1. Fill in a special questionnaire and sign the Daily Banking Agreement.

    Important! To complete the questionnaire, you will need a qualified login: a Smart-ID, a Mobile-ID or an ID card with a valid e-signature certificate.

  2. You will confirm your identity during a video call with a Swedbank consultant.

    Important! The video call can be made on weekdays.

  3. We will send you the login details for your Swedbank Internet Bank and app by email.
  4. Log in to your Swedbank account and become a participant of the Youth Programme.

Already a Swedbank customer?

If you are already a customer and use our online bank, you can become a Youth Programme participant by logging in to your Swedbank account.

Pre-register at the bank branch of your choice and arrive at the time of your choice. There you will open an account and sign the Swedbank Youth Programme Participant Agreement. Don't forget to take your passport or ID card with you.

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С помощью Internet Explorer невозможно авторизоваться или осуществлять платежи через Swedbank на сторонних веб-страницах.

Вместо браузера Internet Explorer мы рекомендуем использовать браузеры Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox или Microsoft Edge. Инструкции по установке упомянутых браузеров можно найти здесь.

From 23.03.2021 Swedbank Internet Bank and Banklink is no longer available using Internet Explorer browser.

It is not possible to authorize or make payments from Swedbank on other web pages using Internet Explorer.

Instead, we suggest using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the newest version of Microsoft Edge. To find out how to install the suggested browsers, please click here.

  • Jūsų įrenginio operacinė sistema ir interneto naršyklė yra pasenusi ir nėra palaikoma Swedbank interneto banke. Prašome atnaujinti operacinę sistemą bei interneto naršyklę arba kreiptis į IT specialistus techninės pagalbos.
  • The operating system of your device & your browser are too outdated to be supported by Swedbank Internet Bank. Please, update the operating system & browser or turn to IT specialist for technical help.
  • Ваш браузер или операционная система недостаточно современны для использования в интернет банке Swedbank. Пожалуйста обновите операционную систему и браузер или обратитесь за технической помощью к ИТ специалисту.

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Become part of the virtual creation “Kodas Sodas”!

Visit the virtual creative platform “Kodas Sodas” and turn your favourite music into images! Let's create the biggest digital garden in Lithuania, and maybe even in the world.

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See on cinema screens for half the price!

From now on, Youth Programme members can buy tickets for films screened on the first Wednesday of each month at a 50% discount.