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Swedbank’s Youth Programme

With Swedbank’s Youth Programme – you with a plus! Join us and enjoy numerous useful features.

  • Get your personal payment card.
  • Manage your finance in a smart manner – use the Swedbank app and the Internet Bank.
  • Enjoy the bank’s free-of-charge service plans for youth.
  • Accumulate loyalty points in the BankMeter and earn prizes every month!


Be pro-active, increase your loyalty indicator and receive great prizes!

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Crazy pencil


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Swedbank’s Youth Programme is just for you, if you want to learn everything about finance and money: manage, save, earn, invest and – definitely – spend it reasonably. We have prepared for you: your personal bank card and a bank account, Internet Bank access, the Swedbank app and much more.

Swedbank’s Youth Programme is open to all children and youth aged 6–22.

Join and learn to be the master of your own finance!

If you are 6–13 years old, upon joining the Youth Programme, you will be offered:

  • Free-of-charge Service Plan “One+” for youth. More information on the Service Plan is available here.
  • Your first contactless payment card Mastercard WEB. Read more about the card here.

If you are 14–17 years old, upon joining the Youth Programme, you will be offered:

  • Free-of-charge Service Plan “Two+” for youth. More information on the Service Plan is available here.
  • Contactless payment card Mastercard WEB. Read more about the card here.
  • Limitless euro-denominated payment transfers in Lithuania and European Economic Area countries.

If you are 18–22 years old, upon joining the Youth Programme, you will be offered:

  • Free-of-charge Service Plan “Three+” for youth. More information on the Service Plan is available here.
  • Contactless payment card Mastercard WEB. Read more about the card here.
  • Limitless euro-denominated payment transfers in Lithuania and European Economic Area countries.

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Together with your parents, register online to your chosen Swedbank branch or ask one of the parents to do it for you.

You will have to bring:

  • An identity document of an adult (passport or ID card);
  • Your birth certificate or an extract of the birth certificate and an identity document (passport or ID card), if you have one;
  • If you have a guardian – a document proving guardianship rights – a passport with reference to children, or the child’s birth certificate or an extract of the birth certificate.

You may register for a consultation here.

  • Ask your mother or father to grant consent to your use of the bank’s services:

    • if your parents are Swedbank’s clients, they may grant consent through the Swedbank’s Internet Bank here;
    • your parents may sign consent at any branch of Swedbank.
  • After you get your parents’ consent, bring your birth certificate (extract) and – if you already have it – an identity document (passport or ID card) to the nearest Swedbank’s branch.
  • If you already are the client of Swedbank and use the Internet Bank, you may join the Youth Programme upon accessing your Swedbank account.

You may register for a consultation here.

  • Take your passport or ID card and visit the nearest Swedbank’s branch. You will sign an Agreement of the Participant of the Swedbank Youth Programme, order payment cards and receive login credentials to the Swedbank’s Internet Bank.
  • If you already are the client of Swedbank and use the Internet Bank, you may join the Youth Programme upon accessing your Swedbank account.

You may register for a consultation here.

Youth Programme participants can enjoy the following benefits:




Programme fee 0 0 0
Monthly fee of the Service Plan 0 0 0
Mastercard WEB issuance and administration fees 0 0 0
Fee for cash withdrawals (up to EUR 290 per calendar month) at ATMs and other locations where this service is available 0 0 0
Euro-denominated payment transfers in Lithuania and European Economic Area countries Daily limit EUR 30 / Monthly limit EUR 100
Loyalty programme BankMeter 0 0 0
Access to Internet Bank and Smart App 0 0 0

Further information on the terms and conditions and fees of the Youth Programme is available here.

  • All participants of the Swedbank Youth Programme may participate in the BankMeter loyalty programme.
  • The more often you pay with your card, make a money transfer on the Internet Bank or in the app, the faster your loyalty indicator will increase in the BankMeter.
  • You have reached the highest indicator and completed the BankMeter? Select whatever prize you like from the catalogue on the Internet Bank!
  • You will see the BankMeter upon logging in to your Internet Bank.
  • Upon reaching the 100% loyalty indicator you will be able to select a prize from the Loyalty Programme prize catalogue. After reaching 100% indicator, it will be active until you order the prize.
  • You can use the Loyalty Programme prize catalogue only upon logging in to your Internet Bank account.
  • After you select and order your prize, your BankMeter will update to the level of 0%, and you will be able to increase your loyalty indicator again.


Don’t worry if, upon ordering the prize and updating of the BankMeter, you still see 0% even if you have performed actions that increase the loyalty indicator. Remember that the BankMeter updates once in a month. Thus, it is best to check it at the beginning (on the 10th day) of the subsequent month.

For the General Terms and Conditions of the Youth Programme, including detailed terms and conditions of the Loyalty Programme, please click here.

How can I save?

Personal finances are all the matters related with your money management, saving and investment.

Knowing how to manage your finances helps to manage money, set goals and reach them, choose the best solutions for your money matters.

There are different ways, which can help you to save money

Create a savings plan

Calculate how much money you will need to put aside for savings every month to reach your goal.

Set up your saving goals

Having a clear goal will motivate you to save up to a particular sum.

Separate your savings from your everyday money

By putting aside your savings, you will not risk spending them on spontaneous purchases.

Don‘t underestimate small coins

Start saving with small steps - put loose change in your piggy bank.

Setting up your budget

80/20 rule

Spend only about 80% of the money you get and save the other 20%. Use 80/20 rule when planning your budget. Divide your income into at least two categories:

Expenses – 80% of the budget

Money that you will spend in the short-run (e.g. lunch at school, candy, magazines, etc.).

Savings – 20% of the budget

Money that will be spent on more expensive things (e.g. a smartphone, jeans, tuition fee instalments for university, etc.).

Needs and wants

You should learn to distinguish between needs and wants. Below you can find an example list of needs and wants. Please be aware that needs and wants will not be the same for everybody.

  • School books
  • Public transport ticket
  • Lunch at school (food)
  • New toys
  • Entertainment (cinema tickets)
  • Coffeehouse drinks

Distinguish between needs and wants

How to know which things are the ones you really need and which ones you want? You can distinguish between them by following these steps:

Group your purchases into different categories (e.g. entertainment, food, etc.).

Generally, a need is something you can’t live without. A want is everything else that is not a need.

A rule of thumb is that you should spend 50% of your income on your needs and around 30% on your wants. If your current spending is largely disproportionate, you should either reconsider your categories or cut spending in either of the categories. 20% of your income should go to your savings.

While using daily banking products, you should keep in mind these safety recommendations to prevent unnecessary incidents.

  • Always keep your card and your PIN code safe.
  • Always check the sum of the transaction before entering your PIN number.
  • Make sure nobody sees your PIN code while entering it.
  • Always pay attention to the transaction when making a payment.
  • Always set a screen lock.
  • Use different passwords for each site.
  • Use strong passwords that you can remember.
  • Do not open emails from unknown senders.
  • Make sure your phone is locked.
  • Be careful with what you download. Download apps safely and from official app stores.
  • Never give out your personal details online.
  • Do not open websites or links that seem suspicious.

When you decide to sign any legal document (for example a gym membership contract):

  • Read the whole document and pay attention to details.
  • Make sure you understand everything in the document- if anything is unclear, ask for clarification.
  • When you have signed the contract, save a copy.
  • Remember you are responsible for your commitments in the contract!

We have prepared short tips to help you start learning how to save, enjoy secure online shopping and better manage your budget.

6 practical tips for you to master everyday banking and go with your head held high!

Kasdienės bankininkystės patarimai

5 tips to start learning to save. Learn before you need it!

Kaip pradėti taupyti?

9 security tips to avoid scam websites. Be aware of these issues and enjoy hassle-free shopping!

Atsiskaitymas internetu ir saugumas

7 tips to help you better manage your budget. Learn to grow your income now and reap the benefits in the future!

Kaip valdyti asmeninį biudžetą?

After you start working and living independently, trust your daily financial matters to us!

  • The Service Plan “Convenient” for those who receive salary to their accounts – € 0.90
  • Smart banking solutions
  • Exceptional insurance and financing offers
  1. Fill in a free form application indicating that you wish to receive your salary to your Swedbank account.
  2. Sign the application and submit it to your employer.
  3. Enjoy all benefits of those who receive salary to their accounts in Swedbank!

Find out more

First important decisions

According to the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania conclusion of credit contracts is only possible from age 18 and above.

Have a good idea but are short of funds? Or maybe want to acquire a new device, need a new washing machine, or plan your biggest life adventure? You may find the following services helpful:

Dreaming of your own home fitted according to your taste and wishes? Read about the type of loan suitable for you and the respective terms and conditions:

If you would like to acquire your first car – be it used or new – you should fill in a car leasing or car loan application. In order to enjoy travelling without worries, you should buy CASCO insurance:

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Talk to your child about money

Financial literacy is an invaluable gift for a child, and it is never too late to start learning. What can you do right now? Open an account for your child online.