For parents

Submit consent to your child’s participation in the Youth Programme on the Internet Bank

If you child is aged 14–17, you may submit consent to participate in Swedbank Youth Programme having logged in to your Internet Bank!

With “Swedbank“ youth program your child could do more!

  1. Improve your child's financial literacy
  2. Give the opportunity to win various prizes
  3. Monitor together your child‘s account history
  4. With “Swedbank” app transfer pocket money instantly
What can the Youth Programme offer to its participants?
  • Service Plan “Convenient”

The participants of the Youth Programme may use the benefits of the free-of-charge Service Plan “Convenient” designed for them.

  • „Mastercard WEB“ payment card

You may order „Mastercard WEB“ payment card for your child. Within the limits of this card your child will be able to independently pay at the points of sale, withdraw cash at the ATM and deposit cash into his/her account.

  • Internet bank

Your child may also have access to the Internet Bank and check the account balance as well as the account statement.

  • Monitor your child‘s account history

You will be able to access your child’s account on the Internet Bank and check the account balance as well as the account statement.

Why is it useful?
  • Swedbank app

Wherever you are, you can instantly transfer money to your child’s account via the Swedbank App. You may find more information about the App here.

  • Financial literacy

Swedbank Youth Programme not only helps to learn to use the key banking tools from the early age, but also develops personal finance management and saving skills and teaches to realise the value of money.

  • Loyalty programme

By using their payment card, active participants of the Youth Programme improve their loyalty rate – fill in the Bankometer scale and earn prizes when they reach the top. Further information on the loyalty programme is available here.

How can your child become the participant of the Youth Programme and order a payment card?
  1. Visit the nearest bank branch. Book an appointment here.
  2. Bring your personal identity document (a passport or an ID card) and the child’s personal identity document (a passport, an ID card and a birth certificate or an extract from the birth certificate). You should also bring a document proving your guardianship rights (a passport with an entry on children or the child’s birth certificate or an extract from the birth certificate).
  3. Sign required agreements and your child will be able to start enjoying the benefits of Swedbank Youth Programme.
  • How to order a new payment card for your child? Visit the nearest Swedbank’s branch. You should necessarily bring your identity document – a passport or a personal identity document, and your child’s identity document – a passport, a personal identity document (if any) and a birth certificate or its extract.

If you are the guardian of the child aged 7–13 (inclusive), seek further information by phone 1884 or e-mail to


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