ID tools and security

Code cards are expired

Code cards are expired from 01.09.2019!

To continue using the Internet Bank, please choose another authentication tool.

Call us 1884 and register for a consultation regarding the change of an authentication tool at the bank’s branch convenient for you.

How to start using “Smart-ID”:
  1. You will need your smart phone and the current Internet Bank login tool.
  2. Download a free “Smart-ID” app.
  3. Create a “Smart-ID” account on your phone.
  4. Activate it with your current login tool.
  5. If your have only a code card, please activate Smart-ID account at the nearest bank‘s branch.

Download “Smart-ID” now:

Smart-ID for iOS    Smart-ID for Android

How to get a PIN code generator:
  1. Book a consultation in the Internet Bank – choose the preferred time and Swedbank branch.
  2. When going to the bank, have with you a valid personal identification document, i.e. passport or ID card.

What is Smart-ID?

“Smart-ID” is a free application, which will make it easier and faster for you to login to Swedbank Internet Bank and Bank application, to confirm money transfers and other operations, and to sign various contracts.

In order to use “Smart-ID”, you will not necessarily have to be subscribed to a mobile communication operator. “Smart-ID” will operate wherever Wi-Fi or/and mobile internet is.

In order to use “Smart-ID”, you will need:

  • A smart phone with “Android 4.1” (or later version) or „iOS 8.0” (or later version);
  • Mobile internet or wireless internet connection.
  • “Smart-ID” levels

  • About developers of “Smart-ID” smart app

How to use Smart-ID: watch and learn

How to login to the Internet Bank with “Smart-ID”?
How to perform payments in the Internet Bank with “Smart-ID”?
How to login to Swedbank app with “Smart-ID”?
How to perform payments in Swedbank app with “Smart-ID”?
What to do if you have forgotten your PIN code?

Smart-ID and smart devices

  • What devices are eligible for Smart-ID?

  • Can I have Smart-ID in different devices?

  • If Smart-ID is used in two devices, do the same PIN codes have to be used?

  • If I use Smart-ID in different devices, which one will ask for my PIN code, if I connect to e-banking with Smart-ID?

  • Can different people register their Smart-ID accounts in one device?

  • Does Smart-ID necessarily have to be in the device I use to connect to the bank?

Account registration and validity

  • Who can use Smart-ID?

  • How long can I use my Smart-ID account?

  • I created my Smart-ID account while using other identification tools issued by another bank. How can I connect to Swedbank with my Smart-ID?

  • How can I remove Smart-ID account?

  • I have bought a new smartphone, but my “Smart-ID” app remained in my old phone. What should I do?

  • I created a Smart-ID account. Are other identification tools provided to me by Swedbank still valid?

Using Smart-ID

  • Where can I use Smart-ID?

  • What are the amounts of payments that can be confirmed using Smart-ID?

  • How much does it cost to use Smart-ID?

  • Does Smart-ID operate abroad?

  • Is it necessary to have SIM card to use Smart-ID?

PIN codes

  • I entered incorrect PIN code. How many trials do I have?

  • What should I do, if I forget Smart-ID PIN codes?

  • Whom should I address, if there is any interference while using Smart-ID?

The advantages of Smart-ID in comparison to other forms of identification

  • I already have a PIN code generator. Why should I choose “Smart-ID”?

  • How is Smart-ID different from mobile-ID?


  • What steps should be taken when the device with Smart-ID account is lost?

  • Is it safe to install Smart-ID in a device which is not personal (e.g., in a tablet used by the whole family)?

  • How is the safety of using Smart-ID ensured?

You have doubts regarding the security? Notify us!

Contact us 24/7 via 1884 for private customers (+370 5 268 4444 - for calls from abroad) or 1633 for corporate customers (+370 5 268 4422 – for calls from abroad), if:

  • you have noticed suspicious operations on your account;
  • you suspect that third persons have received access to your Internet Bank;
  • you have faced fraudulent actions aimed at obtaining login data from you or misappropriate your funds.

Warning about emerging cases of fraud we announce on our knowledge platform and the Internet Bank login window. If you have noticed suspicious operations on your account, we can contact you personally. But you have to remember that bank employees contacting you by phone never ask to provide login data, passwords, PIN codes or other secret information. Bank employees may ask for certain login data only in cases, when you personally contact them via the phone numbers shown above and only for personal identification purposes.