Loan and leasing interest rates

Name Period Applicable Rate Setting date
Country economic indicator, EUR 1 0.664% 2020-05-29
Country economic indicator, LTL/EUR 2 0.080% 2020-05-29
Mortgage Base Rate, EUR 3 3 months 0.357% 2020-05-29
6 months 0.506% 2020-05-29
12 months 0.579% 2020-05-29
Mortgage Base Rate, LTL/EUR 3 3 months -0.227% 2020-05-29
6 months -0.078% 2020-05-29
12 months -0.005% 2020-05-29

1 Country economic indicator is a component of Mortgage Base Rate. For loans granted in EUR it depends upon the country’s credit rating history range conferred by International rating agency Moody’s. It is calculated within 2 last years taking 5 gradually stated points (each 6 months starting as of from Country economic indicator setting date and Country economic indicator recalculation date, which is chosen by the customer). At each point 7–year sovereign bond price, which corresponds to the country rating, is compared to 7–year interest rate swap price and the arithmetical average of difference is calculated.
2 Country’s economic indicator for the loan with LTL as a currency up till 31/12/2014 and EUR from 01/01/2015 is calculated for 31/12/2014. When calculating Country’s economic indicator of 31/12/2014, it is subject to the same rules that are applicable to the loan with EUR as a currency, only in all cases (without taking into account the indicator actually in force) a difference between the yield of 7 (seven) year debt securities of highest reliability (AAA rating granted) denominated in euro and the price of 7 (seven) year interest rate swap is assessed. The resulting average is the numeric expression of Country’s economic indicator that is added to EURIBOR.
3 Mortgage Base Rate is base interest rate quoted by Swedbank on a daily basis. The Mortgage Base Rate consists of respective period Euribor and Country economic indicator of the date.