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Services and operations fees

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Fee information document

Maintaining of accounts

  • Maintaining of accounts

  • Information on accounts

Payment cards

  • Debit cards

  • Credit cards

  • Expiring cards

Service plans

  • Service plans

  • Special fees for services and operations of the Bank for clients receiving salary

  • Swedbank Youth Programme Fees

  • Swedbank Senior Programme Fees


  • Swedbank internet banking

  • Notification center

  • Balance in mobile

  • Bank by phone for natural persons

  • Identification tools used in electronic channels

  • Limited usage account for natural persons*, servicing account of deposit account ** and allowed transactions***

  • Direct debit*

Non-cash payments/settlements

  • Incoming payment’s crediting into account

  • Credit transfers SEPA

  • Credit transfers non SEPA

  • E. invoice payments in EUR

  • Giro payments in eur

  • Additional services related with credit transfers

Operations with cash

  • Operations with cash


  • Fees for home loans and home equity loans


  • Life insurance / Life insurance to cover loan


  • Investment fund units' trading and safekeeping services

  • Securities account opening, management, securities trading and safekeeping, and derivatives related services

  • Lithuanian republic government saving notes

Savings and Investments

  • Second pillar „Swedbank" pension

Other services

  • Rent of safe-deposit boxes

  • Leasing

  • Other services

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