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Processing of Personal Data

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our customer service so that our customers receive only the banking services that best meet their expectations. For this reason, from June 2021, we will start asking for customers’ consents to provide them with even more personalised offers, personalised loan and insurance limits, and offers developed together with partners. Thus, we seek to take note of growing expectations of our customers to receive information that is relevant to them, while at the same time ensuring the proper processing of personal data. We believe that the opportunity to choose whether to give consent provides an appropriate basis for the processing of personal data and gives the customer full control over his / her personal data.

This may happen for several reasons:

  • We need to provide you with information relating to your service contract. Such communications are sent in the context of service agreements with you – you receive this information regardless of any consents or permissions you may have given, and it is necessary to enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations.
  • We conduct customer surveys and provide other relevant information (based on legitimate interest), not only via the internet bank or mobile app, but also via email if you have consented to receive information via this channel. We are grateful for your feedback on our services and believe that you may find Swedbank news relevant. To stop receiving offers and other emails from us that are not related to existing service contracts, you can unsubscribe in section “Processing of Personal Data” by clicking “Consents and permissions management”, which will refer you to the portal of consents.

Your consents may be managed by logging in to your internet bank account by clicking “Consents and permissions management” under “Processing of Personal Data” which will refer you to the portal of consents.

Swedbank Group companies in Lithuania work together to offer you the best deals at the most appropriate time. In order to prepare an offer that meets your needs, your personal data may be transferred from one Swedbank Group company to another, but only if you have given your consent to the data processing, which we use for the preparation of offers to you (Personalised offers, Personalised financing and insurance limits, Offers together with partners).

Although personal data are transferred between Swedbank Group companies operating in Lithuania, the Data Controller is responsible for the processing of such personal data, i.e., the legal entity or entities with which you have entered into service provision contracts or whose services are offered to you, e.g., Swedbank Lizingas UAB, the Lithuanian branch of Swedbank Life Insurance SE, Swedbank Investicijų Valdymas UAB, the Lithuanian branch of Swedbank P&C Insurance AS UAB. Companies of Swedbank Group have transferred the preparation of personalised offers to Swedbank, AB.

To ensure that you continue to receive offers and other relevant information until 31 July 2022, we will once in a while ask customers to provide their preferences regarding the processing of personal data for marketing purposes. Once you have provided the consent you will keep receiving offers and we will be able to continuously improve them.

  • If you decide to not give the consent (for Personalised offers / Personalised finance and insurance limits and Offers together with partners), within 5 days we will stop using your personal data for the purpose of preparing personalised offers, Offers together with partners and for the calculation of loan limits or insurance amounts and premiums. This means that you will no longer see your personalised offers in your internet bank and mobile app, nor will you receive them through other channels.
  • If you do not object to receiving relevant information via your preferred methods of delivery, such as by e-mail, you will continue to receive newsletters covering relevant news, greetings and invitations to participate in customer surveys.
  • If by 31 July 2022 you shall not give the consent to our processing of your personal data, we will stop processing your personal data for the above purposes from 1 August 2022. You can update your preferences regarding the processing of your personal data at any time in the internet bank or visiting the bank.

Having analysed personal data, we can offer personalised and relevant recommendations to each customer that best suit their situation and needs. Here are some examples:

  • We observe everyday banking services used by the customer and remind him/her of those that they don’t use but which may be useful to them.
  • We process information about a customer’s income, savings, age, etc. to ensure that the choices he/she makes enhance his/her financial well-being and meet his/her financial needs, avoiding situations where the choices made could lead to additional costs or restrict their access to money in an unexpected emergency.
  • We analyse, what type of our products or services the customer uses and compare them with those of similar profile customers and suggest other options for consideration.
  • We also observe which products or services customers have stopped using and, based on this, we remind customers of the benefits of the product or service, or offer alternative services, or offer to extend the use of the product.
  • We assess whether the customer meets the minimum conditions for the service, such as eligibility for a loan (checking age, credit history, income level, liabilities), or what the insurance quote might be (analysing the customer’s age, or whether they are participating in customer programmes and therefore may be able to get special offers on service rates).

You may withdraw your consent at any time at the Internet bank, at bank branches or by calling the Information centre. In this case, within 5 days Swedbank will stop processing your personal data for the purpose for which you withdrew your consent.

These include various offers and discounts from our carefully selected and trusted partners. For example:

  • Offers from construction or furniture manufacturing companies for Swedbank customers who have signed a home loan agreement;
  • An offer from a telecommunications company (for internet or internet TV, etc.) for a customer who has just moved to a new home;
  • Offers from a travel agency for customers holding a Swedbank credit card;
  • Offers from car dealerships and special leasing conditions for certain models, etc.

You can view joint offers with partners by logging in to the Internet Bank in the “Personal offers” section and the related services pages.

Swedbank does not transfer customers’ personal data to partners.

Financing and insurance limits may be found by logging in to your Internet bank, under “Loan, leasing” –> “Obligations” –> “My contracts” you will see your personal loan limits.

By logging in to the Internet bank’s homepage under “Personal Offers” and related product websites.

By logging in to the Internet bank’s homepage under “Personal Offers” and related product websites.

Until 31 July 2022 you will receive the offers in the same manner as before. After presenting new consents (regarding Personal offers / Personal financing and insurance limits / Offers together with partners) Swedbank will continue to process your data for the purpose of preparing personalised offers. If you do not provide your consent now, you will have fewer opportunities to find out about offers relevant to you in the future.

You may provide your consent at any time, including after 31 July 2022.

Your Personal Data belongs to you. We want you to be informed about the purpose and nature of the processing of your personal data and your expectations regarding the processing.

Consents may be provided from the age of 14 (subject to prior parental consent), except for Personal loan and insurance limits, for which consents may be given from the age of 18.

Companies may decide to provide their consent to receive direct marketing offers through certain channels (by e-mail, SMS, phone, post). Consent choices related to the processing of personal data are only relevant for natural persons.

If you don’t use our Internet banking or mobile app, you can get offers by visiting our bank branches, calling our Information centre or via our ATMs.

By giving consent to receive information via the chosen channels you may receive calls, SMS, e-mails and, in some cases, letters by post.

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