We hereby inform you that we transferred all the content of www.swedbank.lt to our Internet Bank website as of 6 December 2018. Further information is available here.

Keep your ID tools secure: memorize codes, do not write them anywhere and do not tell anyone about them. Always use screen lock. If you’ve lost your ID tool or your smartphone or of you’ve encountered any suspicious activity in your bank account, notify us immediately by phone 1884. Look through full security recommendations when using bank services.

We have supplemented the content of the Internet Bank

We supplemented the content of the Internet Bank on 6 December 2018. From now on all the information of www.swedbank.lt will be available here.

You’ll have time to plan holidays.
Now it’s time for the credit card.

You can be sure most of your holiday purchases and travels are insured.

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Your code card will become a souvenir

Starting from 01 09 2019 code cards will no longer be used. Start using “Smart-ID” for logging in.

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New! Appliance Loan.

Special offer for applications submitted before 1 January 2019 with promocode “Technika”.

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