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Special offer

Most of your purchases are insured. You just need to pay with your credit card!

Special offer for Revolving Credit Card before 30 September 2019.

Do you know that when you pay for your purchases with a “Swedbank” credit card, your purchases are covered by insurance for the period of 180 days?

The purchase insurance allows to easily insure furniture, sports equipment, various devices, or, for example, school uniform.

Protection not only for your car

Elite Casco insurance will also cover the passengers and personal belongings in your car

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If you like travelling, you have what to insure!

Take out your insurance before travelling and enjoy your holidays!

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Now you can withdraw cash in stands of “Narvesen” and “Lietuvos spauda”

Free-of-charge cash withdrawals amounting from 1 to 100 EUR (with card payments not less than 2 EUR).

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Novelty! Now always at hand

Make your purchases with Fitbit or Garmin smartwatch.

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