International payment

International money transfer

International money transfer is remittance of monetary funds to the Beneficiary’s account held with the payment service provider’s institution in a country other than the Republic of Lithuania, or with a branch (affiliate) in such other country as well as the transfer of money in currency other than euros to the Beneficiary’s account opened with another payment service provider’s branch (affiliate) in the Republic of Lithuania

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Please be accurate when providing the beneficiary‘s account number so as to make sure that money will receive the desired beneficiary’s account.

Monetary funds received from abroad to the beneficiary’s account with Swedbank, AB are credited to the account only according to the beneficiary’s account number in IBAN format, i.e. the Bank does not verify, whether the account specified in the payment belongs to the beneficiary of the funds; for this reason, if a wrong account number is provided, money might be credited to another client’s account regardless of the specified beneficiary’s name, surname (company name).