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Utility bills and payments cart

All regular payments for your flat/house (utilities), kindergarten, telephone and other services – in one place

  • Easy. You can make several different payments at one time.
  • Convenient. You will be able to form your ‘Payments Cart’ yourself including in it your defined forms of payments and next time pay for all of them at one time.
  • It’s worth it. The fee for the ‘Payments Cart’ is included in your Swedbank Service Plan – therefore you will not be charged additionally for it regardless of the number of payments you choose to make at one time.
‘Utility bills and Payments Cart’ is a convenient tool saving your time. You can include in the Cart the defined payments of frequently made recurrent payments, e.g., payments for utilities, internet, telephone, kindergarten and daily fees. You can make the payments included in the ‘Utility bills and Payments Cart’ just by one click, i.e. all payments will be made at one time. If you defined payments, you will be able to use them for future payments and will have in one place all regular payments relevant for you.

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