E-invoices – a smart and simple solution for management of invoices for daily services

  • Orderly: all your bills in one place – Internet Bank.
  • Free of charge: Swedbank Service Plan users will not be charged additionally for payment of invoices.
  • Promptly: Your daily invoices can be managed by just a few clicks.

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All your payments – in one place!
  • All invoices from different service providers can be received, managed and saved in one place – your Internet Bank.
  • E-invoices offer a convenient and quick way of payment for the Internet, mobile communication, utilities, insurance premiums, etc.
  • E-invoices are stored in you Internet Bank for 18 months from the day of receipt. Here you can review them, check the payment status, print, save in a desired format or archive them.
  • At your choice, your e-invoice may be received and paid by another person.
  • If you are a user of Swedbank App, you can receive App messages free of charge about your e-invoice status.
Automatic management of e-invoices

You will choose the desired e-invoice payment method – an ordinary payment order or automatic payment.

By subscribing to an automatic payment of your e-invoice, you will be free to choose the payment date – 2 days after receipt of the e-invoice, on the day indicated in the e-invoice or 2 days before the day indicated in the e-invoice. You will also have the possibility to set the maximum amount allowed for debiting and, at your own discretion, a partial payment of the e-invoice. When the time comes, your e-invoice will be paid automatically – it’s that simple!

Standard fees for payment of e-invoices are available here
Everything according to your settings

If on the e-invoice automatic payment day there are not enough funds in your bank account, the Bank will attempt to make the payment for 2 more days. If the payment fails due to insufficient account balance, you will be able to pay your e-invoice by a simple payment order when you have available funds.

If the amount of the e-invoice received by you exceeds the maximum amount allowed for debiting, the e-invoice will not be paid automatically, unless you will have set the partial payment of the e-invoice – in that case a part of the funds will be debited automatically, and you will be able to pay the remaining part yourself by an ordinary payment order.

More information about he operation of e-invoices is provided in E-invoice automatic payment service conditions