Mobile contactless payments

Pay for everyday purchases with your smartphone!

  • Payments up to 150 €
  • Secure and convenient
  • For Android smartphones only
  • Payments are possible in most of the stores in Lithuania and in many places all over the world
Start using it now
  1. Download the Swedbank 2019 Lietuva mobile app
  2. Set Swedbank 2019 Lietuva as your default payment app
  3. Choose a MasterCard card with the contactless payment function for making purchases

Our app will easily guide you through the process

Download app

See how it works

How to pay with your mobile phone

The mobile contactless payment technology makes purchases up to €150 quick and easy.

  • Look for the contactless symbol on the terminal at the shop’s checkout.
  • Unlock your smartphone before paying.
  • Tap your smartphone against the card terminal.
  • That’s it! Your payment is made.
Supported devices

At the moment, mobile contactless payments are only available for Android mobile phones. A software version starting from Android 6.0 and an active Swedbank contactless card are needed for mobile contactless payments to work on your smartphone.

At present, Apple smart phones only support the Apple Pay function, which is not yet available in the Baltic States. We look forward to mobile contactless payment implementation on Apple smart devices as soon as Apple’s conditions change.

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