Electronic seal

Fast and trustworthy way of signing documents

  • Electronic seal is aimed for confirming the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents signed by Swedbank AB or any other company of Swedbank Group to which the seal is linked.
  • When an electronic document is confirmed with the electronic seal, it is considered that the origin of this document is Swedbank or any other company of Swedbank Group, depending on which of them specified in the document.
  • Confirmation of an electronic document with the electronic seal presumes the integrity of this document confirmed with the seal.
  • Document confirmed with the electronic seal is valid without responsible person’s electronic signature.

Trusted providers and certificates:

Trusted provider of certificates Provider`s informational page Provider`s root and intermediate certificates Swedbank’s electronic seal certificates
SK ID Solutions, AS (Estonia). Detailed information available at: https://www.sk.ee/en/repository/ Certificates can be downloaded from provider`s website: https://www.sk.ee/en/repository/certs/
Root certificate name: „EE Certification Centre Root CA“
State Enterprise Centre of Registers (Lithuania). Detailed information available at: http://www.elektroninis.lt Certificates can be downloaded from provider`s website: http://www.registrucentras.lt/bylos/dokumentai/rcsc/root_certificates.zip
Root certificate name:„RootCA“