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Contactless cards

New contactless bank cards!

Contactless card enables you to make quickly and conveniently purchases to a value of up to €25 without having to slot your card into the payment terminal or enter your PIN.

Beep and it’s paid!

A new generation of payment card will make your everyday, on-the-go purchases faster and more convenient. When your purchase is less than €25 all you need is just tap your contactless card to the POS terminal, no PIN code is needed. If your purchase is above €25 complete the payment as usual – by entering your PIN code.

With a contactless payment card you can make all your payments – pay for your purchases in shops and other places, online stores and withdraw money from ATMs. Contactless payment is an extra feature of your card.

In Lithuania the limit for contactless payments is currently €25. If the price of your purchase exceeds this amount, you will need to enter the PIN code when making the payment. You can also use your card abroad, but please note that the limit for contactless payments may vary across the countries.

Contactless cards have a special sign on them. A similar symbol is also displayed on a POS terminal which accepts contactless payments.

Symbol on the card

Symbol on the terminal

Contactless debit card Debit Mastercard

Mastercard debit card can be used for making payments in Lithuania, abroad and on Internet or for withdrawing cash. Find out more

Contactless Contactless debit card for Youth programme participants "Debit Mastercard WEB"

This debit card is exclusively for Youth programme members, which can be used for making payments in the shops or withdrawing cash or for online purchases. Find out more

Contactless debit card "Debit Mastercard Private Banking" for Private banking clients

It is a debit card issued exclusively to Private banking clients. Find out more

Contactless Classic credit card

This credit card is for those who are looking for more effective management of their daily finances. It is useful when making an expensive purchase or if you are short of money before the salary is paid. Find out more

Contactless Fixed–payment credit card

This credit card is useful when you need money for a bigger purchase or unplanned expenses. It is more convenient than financial leasing, consumer loan or quick loans. Find out more

Contactless Gold credit card

Prestigious credit card for an attractive price. Useful for frequent travellers abroad. Find out more

Contactless New VISA Platinum

Designates a special status of its holder and guarantees excellent service and exclusive benefits both for everyday use and when travelling abroad. Find out more

The opportunity to manage your accounts and budget using your mobile phone.

Receive SMS messages about transactions or account balance.

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