Opening an account

It is the first step to successful cooperation. With an account at Swedbank you will:

  • keep your money safe;
  • handle your daily finances conveniently.

You will be able to manage your account the way you find it convenient – via Swedbank’s internet bank, by use of the Notification Centre and payment cards. One account – numerous ways to access it!

  • You can keep money in your account in any currency operated by the bank;
  • You can top up your bank account any time and with any amount as well as receive money in cash at any Swedbank’s ATM or customer service office;
  • You can conclude an agreement on maintaining accounts via Swedbank’s electronic banking, by use of the Notification Centre – and manage your personal, your family or several persons’ finances in a simple and convenient way;
  • You can pay your bills by payment order and save because payment orders within the bank are always cheaper, and Swedbank has the highest number of bank accounts held by natural and legal persons;
  • You can acquire different types of payment cards for a bank account and get credit limit;
  • You can learn the balance of your bank account at an ATM, via Swedbank’s internet bank, using Account Balance by Phone service or the services of the Notification Centre;
  • Once you open a deposit account, you will be able to transfer free funds from your bank account to the deposit account – it is a convenient way to safe or receive higher interest rate for the funds you don’t use.

All deposits of less than EUR 100,000 or of equivalent amount held in a foreign currency are insured by the SE Deposit and Investment Insurance under the terms and conditions set forth in the Law on Deposits and Liabilities to Investors. Read more here.
Detailed information on the terms and conditions of deposit insurance and cases when deposits are not insured and when limits on payment of insurance benefits are applied to deposits is provided on the website of the SE Deposit and Investment Insurance