When loan repayment difficulties are encountered

We care for long-term and sustainable cooperation with our customers.

We stay together at the time of success and when it is necessary to overcome the challenges or problems faced. We know that in order to overcome temporary difficulties the most important thing is mutual trust, openness and willingness to act jointly.

Even in most difficult situations cooperation and seeking a solution with the Bank’s specialist helps avoid loan default consequences. Each credit institution is interested in maintaining the customer solvency, and the main goal is to ensure long-term financial stability and to maintain good borrowing history for the customer. We would like to note that the credit history of the customer has a direct influence on the credit terms and sometimes can reduce possibility of obtaining a credit in future.

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Application for a grace period with agreement maturity prolongation

Please note that if you choose a grace period with agreement maturity prolongation, the total home loan term cannot exceed 30 years.

  • What can you do yourselves?

  • Apply to the Bank’s specialist

Solutions usually suggested by the Bank to customers who are unable to repay loan instalments:

  • In the case of home loans / mortgage loans

  • In the case of consumer credits

  • In the case of leasing

  • In the case of conscripts doing continuous mandatory initial military service

  • Moratorium

We would like to draw attention to the fact that, for example, when planning to go abroad or in some other circumstances it may be difficult to communicate directly with the Bank on the matters of changing the terms and conditions of the existing agreement; therefore, it is recommended:

  • To authorise a reliable person so that in unforeseen circumstances such reliable person could take care of the loan restructuring. It shall also be necessary to submit to the Bank’s specialist the power of attorney and contact details of the authorised persons.
  • To take care in advance that on the loan instalment repayment day the funds available in the bank account are sufficient for making the payments. The account balance should be a little larger than necessary for the repayment of the principal, so that, for example, when the time comes to pay for a debit card and the fee is debited the debt does not accrue in the account.

The Guidelines for management of debts resulting from default of customers on financial obligations under credit agreements approved by the Bank of Lithuania (applicable to home loans and mortgage loans) in PDF format.

While understanding that the situation and needs of each customer are individual, we offer personalised solutions and invite everybody who needs assistance, financial advice or solution to apply to the Bank’s specialists without undue delay.

For more information please call us at 1884 or write an internet bank message.