Students loans

State-supported student loans

An opportunity to borrow for tuition, living expenses or partial studies abroad.

  • The loan or part of it is paid out on the day the agreement is signed.
  • No agreement conclusion or administration fees apply.
  • For loans for living expenses, we don’t require you to submit a separate request each month to pay out the credit – part of the credit is automatically paid to your account each month.

Please note, that by using financial services you assume financial obligations. Improper execution of financial obligations may adversely affect your credit history and raise the cost of borrowing, and it can also cause initiation of enforced recovery.

Please note that by using financing services, you are assuming financial obligations. Improper fulfilment of financial obligations may have a negative impact on your credit history and make borrowing more expensive; it may also entail forced debt collection. If you would like to get more information about the loan conditions or to assess your personal financial situation, you can always consult our specialists at the nearest “Swedbank” customer service branch or by phone 1884.

Typical example of the annual percentage rate of charge

If you were to take out a tuition fee loan of EUR 1,500 for one academic year, when the duration of the credit agreement is 20 years (of which 5 years are a grace period (the 4-year study period plus 12 months after the studies end) and 15 years are the loan repayment term), with an annual interest rate of 2.10%, paying the minimum daily service fee set by the Bank (EUR 0.70 per month), and making monthly instalments according to the linear method (first monthly instalment of EUR 11.12), the annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) would be 3.02%, and the total amount paid by the recipient would be EUR 2,073.

The annual percentage rate of charge and the total amount paid by the recipient are calculated on the assumption that the Credit Agreement will be valid for a period equal to the duration of the Credit Agreement, the Bank will pay out the entire amount of Credit to the Credit recipient on the day that the Credit Agreement is signed, the parties to the Credit Agreement will fulfil all of their obligations arising from the Credit Agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Credit Agreement, and the annual interest rate, fees and other expenses will remain the same as at the time of conclusion of the Credit Agreement and will continue to be applicable until the end of the Credit Agreement.

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