Credit line

Cheaper in the Internet Bank
  • We recommend if you plan to use the money in instalments or do not know the exact amount of the final cost (e. g., for home repair);
  • You can submit your credit line application via internet bank;
  • Agreement conclusion fee applied on internet bank is smaller than conclusion fee that is applied in bank branch.

Credit line limit can amount from EUR 1000 to EUR 20 000, but not more than four monthly salaries. The amount you can borrow depends on your net income and any other financial obligations that you may have.

Your income

  • Your income must be at least EUR 500 per month after tax.
  • You must be earning a steady income for at least 6 consecutive months.
  • If the expected source of repayment of the credit is not a salary/wages, the official documents evidencing the receipt of the income will be required. You must submit these documents upon arrival to the bank branch.
  • If you started working for a new employer, your probation period must be over.

Your financial obligations

  • Your monthly expenses for covering your credits do not exceed 40% of your monthly income;
  • You do not have outstanding credits in “Swedbank” or from other creditors or outstanding bills for different services;

We would like to note that by the use of financial services you assume financial obligations. Improper execution of financial obligations may adversely affect your credit history and raise the cost of borrowing, and it can also cause initiation of enforced recovery.

We would like to note that before deciding to take a loan you should carefully assess your personal and (or) your family’s financial perspectives and possibilities. If you would like to get more information about the loan conditions or to assess your personal financial situation, you can always consult our specialists by phone 1884 or at the nearest “Swedbank” customer service branch.

This is useful when you need money urgently for small purchases. You can get a loan of up to 10 000 EUR without ever leaving your home.

Manage your daily finances in a more effective way, have the benefit of travel insurance and buy on the Internet safely.