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Home small loan

A new home or refurbishment – now it’s a breeze!

A simple solution if you’re looking to buy a property or undertake your home renovation.

  • Loan amount 5 000-20 000 EUR.
  • Annual interest rate from 7,9 percent.
  • No mortgage placed on real estate.
  • No down payment required.

Please note, that by using financial services you assume financial obligations. Improper execution of financial obligations may adversely affect your credit history and raise the cost of borrowing, and it can also cause initiation of enforced recovery.

Find out the amount of monthly payment


We would like to note that before deciding to take a loan you should carefully assess your personal and (or) your family’s financial perspectives and possibilities.

Typical example of calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge

If you applied for a home small loan amounting to EUR 10,000 with credit agreement duration (and loan repayment term) of 10 years (the number of instalments – 119) with the fixed annual interest rate of 11 % and the following applicable fees: a minimum daily services fee (EUR 0.70 per month) for natural persons’ as established by the Bank; agreement administration fee of EUR 100; monthly payments of EUR 140 using annuity method, then, the credit annual percentage rate would be 12.2 %, and the total amount paid by the credit receiver would be EUR 16,835.

Calculations of the annual percentage rate of charge and the total amount payable by the borrower are based on assumptions that the total credit amount will be disbursed by the Bank to the borrower on the day of signing the Credit agreement, the parties to the Credit agreement will fulfil their obligations arising from the Credit agreement in observance of the terms and conditions established therein, the annual interest rate, the amount of fees and other charges will be the same as at the time of concluding the Credit agreement and will apply until the expiration of Credit agreement.

Annual interest rate from 7,9 to 15 percent.

What is it for?
  • Suitable for purchasing flat, summer house, land plot for garden, parking lot, garage, pantry, etc.
  • Perfect for a major repair, much-needed remodel or general home improvements in your owned real estate.
  • Home small loans from 5 000 to 20 000 EUR.
Flexible loan for a better value
  • Loan period up to 10 years, so monthly payments may be lower.
  • May be repaid before maturity without additional fees.
  • No collateral required.
  • Choose your preferred payment date.
  • Money transferred immediately after signing the contract.
  • Property valuation not required.

Home small loan with the purpose of home repair, is regulated and granted pursuant to the Law on Consumer Credit of the Republic of Lithuania.

Home small loan with the purpose of the purchase of real property, is regulated and granted pursuant to the Law on Credit Related to Real Estate of the Republic of Lithuania. General information on home small loan is provided here.

A loan suitable for energy efficient solutions in your house.

Loan that can help you to fulfill your plans!

Especially worth for buying or building a home, furnishing or renovating, paying for educational expenses or medical expenses.

Especially worth pay by credit card for expensive purchases because for most of them is valid purchases insurance. Credit card will be useful as well if you need extra money in small amounts for short time.

Applicable for purchasing and installing solar panels by yourself as well as for purchasing already installed remote solar panels.

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