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Choosing a home loan or a mortgage loan offered by Swedbank will make settlement in your new home easier, and you will have a reliable financial partner throughout the loan term.

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Home Loan Home Equity Loan Mortgage Loan with State Support
Purpose Home loans are designed for people who intend to buy, build or renovate a flat or a house, or to buy a land plot and build a house on it. Home Equity Loans are designed for people who intend to renovate a flat/house, to build/reconstruct outbuildings, or to buy a land plot or a farmstead. Mortgage Loans with State Support are designed for meeting the housing needs of persons referred to in the Republic of Lithuania Law on the State Support for Purchasing or Renting a Home, i. e. for the purchase/building of a home or the reconstruction of a home in order to adapt it to the needs of a disabled person. A 10% or a 20% subsidy can be used for paying of part of the home loan or part of the deposit.
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Main terms

  • The loan amount depends on the income of your household, current financial obligations, and the value of the mortgaged property;
  • The loan repayment term is up to 30 years;
  • There are several loan repayment methods.

Loan conditions

  • Depending on the loan amount, your income after tax must be at least EUR 500 per month, or from EUR 800 per month if the loan is made to co-borrowers;
  • Mortgage of an immovable residential property is required.

Useful information

  • Home Loans and Home Equity Loans. General Terms and Conditions Download
  • Mortgage Loans with State Support (from 2006) and Home Loans Insured by UAB ‘Būsto paskolų draudimas‘. General Terms and Conditions Download
  • List of independent property valuators Download
  • General information about Mortgage loans Download
  • Additional Conditions for Mortgage loans with state support

Are you planning to take out a home loan? Please read more information on additional insurance suitable for you.


A typical example:

If the total amount of a home loan being taken out related to real estate is EUR 65,000, when the duration of the credit agreement is 26 years with a 2.2 per cent variable annual interest rate, paying a one-off loan agreement administration fee established by the bank of 0.4 per cent of the credit amount (EUR 260), the minimum daily service fee (EUR 0.70 per month), the mortgage registration fee (EUR 31.28) and annuity mortgage payments, then the annual percentage rate of charge would be 2.3 per cent, and the total amount paid to the borrower would be EUR 86,094. The total number of loan payments would be 312, and the amount of each instalment would be EUR 274.

The annual percentage rate of charge, the total amount payable by the borrower, the total number of loan payments and the amount of each instalment are calculated under the assumption that the credit agreement will be valid for a period equal to the duration of the credit agreement, that the entire loan will be paid out on the day that the agreement is signed, that the parties will fulfil all of their obligations properly, and that the variable interest rate, fees and other costs will remain the same as at the time of conclusion of the credit agreement and will continue to apply until the end of the credit agreement. A customer shall also bear the costs of property insurance and appraisal. These costs depend on the individual characteristics of collateral and, therefore, are not included in the total credit price in the example above.

If the loan agreement is concluded in a foreign currency, i.e. if the currency of the customer’s revenues (or the major share thereof) and/or the customer’s state of residence, which is an EU member state or a member state of the European Economic Area, from the currency of the loan issued in euros, the change of the foreign currency compared to euro may significantly increase the amount of the issued loan and the associated payments.

The loan must be secured by mortgage of real estate acceptable to the bank, and the mortgaged property must be insured by concluding an insurance agreement. A report by an independent property appraiser may be required on the value of the collateral. The costs of property insurance and appraisal depend on individual characteristics of collateral, and shall be prescribed by agreements you may have with the relevant service providers.

By using these financing services, you are assuming financial obligations. Improper fulfilment or non-fulfilment of financial obligations may have a negative impact on your credit history and make borrowing more expensive; you also risk losing ownership rights to the mortgaged real estate.

Besides, a loan administration fee may be charged at the time of entry into a credit agreement. Loan administration fees and other fees are provided here.

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