Car lease and car loan

  • For purchasing new or used car
  • Leasing term up to 7 years, the agreement may be signed on “Swedbank” Internet bank
  • Advance payment is not required for car loan, amount up to EUR 10,000 is granted on internet bank

Calculate payment

Car price (€)
Downpay­ment (%)
Downpay­ment (€)
Residual value (%)
Residual value (€)
Monthly payment
The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you. Interest depends on the client’s profile and the chosen vehicle. The best interest is offered for new vehicles.


Car loan

Loan amount From 7,000EUR From 3000EUR to 20,000EUR

* if the amount to finance is below 3,000EUR, then the standard terms of consumer credit will be applied.
Term 6-84 months 6–84 months
Advance From 10 percent of the value of the acquired vehicle No
Income At least 500EUR/month net of tax At least 400EUR/month net of tax (or at least 800EUR/month if the loan is taken out with a co-borrower)

Casco insurance

Compulsory for the entire lease term.
The car is registered under the name of the leasing company, and the company pays the money directly to the car seller.
Money is transferred directly to the client's account, which the client uses to purchase a new car and register it under his name.
Financier Swedbank lizingas, UAB Swedbank AB
Early repayment Early repayment of a loan or its part without any restrictions or additional fees. Early repayment of a loan or its part without any restrictions or additional fees.
Fill in the application Fill in the application

Lease conditions

  • Financed value of the car – at least EUR 7,000.
  • Sufficient income for making lease payments (minimum salary net of tax should be at least EUR 500).
  • Down payment – from 10 percent of the value of the acquired vehicle. Down payment depends on the car selected and client assessment.
  • Vehicle is not more than 7 years old at the time of concluding the lease agreement and not more than 11 years old at the expiry of the lease agreement.
  • Compulsory Casco insurance for the entire contract period.
  • Agreement fee – 1 percent of the value indicated in the agreement, min. EUR 150.
  • Interest is calculated individually, following solvency assessment of the client.

Calculate your preliminary financial lease instalment: Calculator

Information regarding potential risks. Please note that by using financing services you assume financial obligations. Improper fulfilment of your financial obligations may negatively affect your credit history, increase the price of credit, and if the agreement is terminated due to material breach on your side, you may lose any payments already made, as well as the any rights to the financed property.

About the product

Typical example of total consumer credit annual percentage rate calculation (for natural persons who have acquired leased assets for personal, family or household purposes, but not for business or professional purposes):

Assumptions: Price of the car selected – 15 000 EUR, contract term – 60 months, advance paid by the Client – 20 percent, financed amount – 12 000 EUR, interest rate – 3 percent, contract fee – 150 EUR (monthly instalment – 215.62 EUR).

In order to receive consumer credit, the Client must have (open) an account with Swedbank, AB, with a set minimum daily services fee of 0.70 EUR per month. The client must also, at his/her own expense, buy insurance for the car at an insurance company acceptable by Swedbank under conditions set out in the agreement (insurance cost is not included in the total consumer credit annual percentage rate). Total consumer credit annual percentage rate is then equal to 3.7 percent, and the total Consumer Loan cost payable a receiver would amount to EUR 13 098.49.

Calculations of the total consumer credit annual percentage rate and the total amount payable by the borrower are based on the assumptions that the agreement will be valid for the entire duration of the agreement, the total credit amount will be paid out on the day of signing the agreement, the parties to the agreement will fulfil their obligations arising from the agreement by respecting the terms and conditions set out therein, the annual interest rate, the amount of fees and other charges paid by the Client will remain the same as at the time of concluding the agreement and will continue to be applied until its expiry.

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