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Secure internet shopping

Enable online payments for card to be able to pay for purchases at online stores!

The online payments feature must be enabled for each card separately.

How to pay by card at online stores

  • Enter correct details when paying for the purchase

  • Confirm the purchase on the merchant’s website

  • Verify the purchase via Swedbank Internet Banking

  • Why a payment may fail

Frequently asked questions

  • Why am I unable to enable internet shopping for the card?

  • What to do if I’ve enter my user ID or code incorrectly?

  • How to check if the online store has joined the secure internet shopping system Mastercard SecureCode and/or Verified by VISA?

  • If I disable the internet shopping feature for the card, will the merchant be able to charge transactions to my account?

  • How to disable the internet shopping feature on the card?

  • What happens when card is renewed or replaced?

  • Which Internet Banking authentication tools may be used for confirming online purchases?

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