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Gold revolving credit card

Comes with travel insurance for the whole family and protects most of your purchases

  • Wide travel insurance for you and your family members.
  • 180-day purchase insurance for most items purchased with credit card in shops and online.
  • Extra money with 30-days interest-free period and flexible repayment.
  • Credit limit from 600 EUR.
Fill in application

Please note, that by using financial services you assume financial obligations. Improper execution of financial obligations may adversely affect your credit history and raise the cost of borrowing, and it can also cause initiation of enforced recovery.

It takes only 2 minutes to fill in the application Access credit limit before card arrives Manage your card easily in the mobile app
  • Credit limit from 600 EUR
  • Extensive worldwide travel insurance package for the cardholder and his family.
  • 180-day purchases insurance is valid for most items purchased with credit card payment or by transfer from a credit card account.
  • 30-days interest-free period for used credit card limit.
  • Please notice! The interest-free period does not apply to cash withdrawals and credit transfers.
  • Book and pay for hotels and use car rental services.
  • You can also take out extra cards for your family members. Each additional cardholder enjoys the same privileges as you.
  • Manage your credit card in Ibank and Swedbank app: block and unblock, manage limits and make repayments as you go.
  • You can start using the credit limit right after signing credit card agreement - even before card arrives.
  • You can transfer money, make payments and withdraw cash at the ATM directly from your credit card account.
  • Contactless payments - you'll be able to pay up to €50 only by tapping the card to the terminal. No PIN, no hassle, just quick and safe shopping.
  • Make your purchases easily with contactless payments - Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay and mobile contactless payments for Android smartphone users.
  • Choose to receive your card by post for free.
  • Activate internet shopping option.

When to pay back your used credit limit?

  • No interest will be calculated if You repay amount of the transaction within 30 days from transaction date.
  • The process of debiting a borrower’s account with the amount payable under a credit agreement begins at 17:45 on the payment day specified in the agreement. Make sure you have sufficient funds available in the account.

Log into the Internet bank and see if you have received a personal offer. If there is an offer, you can enter into an agreement without submitting an application.

If not, follow these easy steps:

  1. Apply for the credit card in the Internet bank.
  2. We will inform you about the decision by phone or via SMS.
  3. Read the conditions, accept them and sign the agreement.
  4. After signing the agreement you can immediately start using credit card limit.
  5. Your card will arrive within 7 working days.
  6. When you receive your card, log into the Internet bank and activate it there.
  7. You should activate a new card within 30 days from the date of order, whereas in the case of a renewed card – within 60 days from the date of expiry of the old card. Should you fail to do this within the required term, you will not be able to do it later, and if you use the credit limit, you will have to repay it under the terms and conditions provided for in the agreement.


  • Your income must be at least EUR 350 (for New Visa Platinum EUR 667) per month after tax.
  • If you take a loan with a co-borrower, total income of a family (co-borrower) must be at least 700 EUR per month after tax.
  • You must be earning a steady income for at least 6 consecutive months and your probation period must be over.
  • If you are planning to repay the loan from sources other than your salary, upon arrival to a bank branch, you will have to submit official documents evidencing the receipt of these revenues.


  • Your family monthly expenses aimed at covering your existing liabilities must not exceed 40% of your monthly income. *
  • You must be free of debts (due financial liabilities) to Swedbank or to other creditors and of unpaid invoices for other services.

* If you are married but you wish to receive a credit card with a limit only for yourself, when completing the loan application form, indicate that you are applying for a Personal Loan. In the event your income is not enough to receive the Personal Loan, your spouse will have to fill in the application of a co-debtor/guarantor, so that the bank can assess the creditworthiness of your family.

Gold Credit Card issue and administration fees (Mastercard Gold and Visa Gold)

Valid from 2020.02.01

New ”Visa Gold“ credit cards are not issued anymore from 2020.02.01, and cards which expire from 2020.04.30 or be lost/stolen will be renewed/replaced only to „Mastercard Gold“ credit card.
Name of the service or transaction Fee in EUR1
Credit card fees
Card validity 3 years
Card administration fee2 EUR 3.47
Card issuing at the branch fee EUR 5
Card issuing by mail fee:
within Lithuania3 EUR 3
abroad EUR 8
Card replacement if lost, damaged. Card replacement at client’s request EUR 5
Payment for a purchase or a service Free
Bill payments at Swedbank, AB ATM’s Free
Cash withdrawal at ATM’s and other places where this service is provided4 2%, min EUR 2.03
Currency exchange fee when transaction is made not in euro5 2.45%
Balance checking at ATM’s (that have the technical capability to do so):
Swedbank, AB, Swedbank AS (Estonia), Swedbank AS (Latvia), Swedbank (Sweden) Free
Other banks Free
Changing PIN at Swedbank, AB ATM Free
A copy of the invoice at Client’s request4:
card payment in Lithuania EUR 1.45
card payment abroad EUR 5.79
Fees of other services in the basket
Monthly fee (Security Programme) EUR 0
Locking a lost card Free
Travel insurance Free
Shopping insurance Free
Emergency cash payment abroad in case of a lost card According to Western Union’s emergency cash transfer fees
Overdraft account transaction fees
When transaction in the overdraft account are carried out without the payment card, Bank’s services and transaction fees are applied.
Total daily transaction limits6
Total allowance for payments for good and services EUR 8,700
Total allowance for cash withdrawals EUR 2,900
Total allowance for ATM payments EUR 2,900

1All fees are debited from the client’s account at the Bank, unless stated otherwise in the Fees and the credit card agreement.
2The fee is debited monthly on the day of payment specified in the agreement.
3Renewed card can be sent by post with „Swedbank“, AB decision without separate customer request.
4The fee is debited from the credit limit of the account.
5When card transaction is made in currency other than euro (including a cash-out with a card), conversion to euro is being calculated using „Mastercard International“ or „Visa Europe Services Inc“ currency exchange rate at transaction processing day and increasing the amount by value stated in the pricelist.
6At the request of the client, the total transaction limits may be changed.

Gold Card service terms and conditions (MasterCard Gold and Visa Gold)

Name of the service or transaction Service terms and conditions EUR7
Terms and conditions of other services
Security programme
- Period until the notification on card lock 24 hours
- The largest amount of losses not compensated for the client EUR 28.96
- The largest amount of losses compensated for the client Daily transaction limit (payment for goods and services)
Travel insurance services and benefits
Medical expenses and repatriation insurance EUR 500,000
Accident insurance EUR 10,000
Luggage, travel delay and trip cancellation insurance
Departure delay insurance
Over 4 hours EUR 150
Over 24 hours EUR 300
Luggage delay over 4 hours EUR 300
Route/schedule change (including cancellation, discontinuation) EUR 2,000
Flight ticket change EUR 150
Civil liability and legal expenses insurance
- Civil liability EUR 10,000
- Legal expenses EUR 1,000
- Deposit EUR 3,000
Flight ticket change EUR 150
Shopping insurance benefits
Annual shopping insurance EUR 4,000
- Including one insured event EUR 2,000
- Single purchase EUR 1,000
- Purchases limited to one insured event EUR 400
- Unconditional deduction EUR 30
Overdraft fees and conditions
Overdraft granting Free
Changing overdraft terms and conditions8:
At a branch EUR 8.69
Online EUR 1
Period during which interest for used overdraft is not paid (in calendar days from the purchase by a payment card) 30 days

7Detailed information on travel and shopping insurance can be found on the Bank’s website and at the branches.
8Does not apply to changing the payment day, linked account and overdraft terms and conditions at Bank’s initiative.

  • Bicycle was stolen.
  • Child broke his winter parka in kindergarten.
  • Glasses were broken.
  • Skis were broken.
  • Surfing equipment was damaged.
  • And many more.

Purchase insurance terms and conditions

  • Purchase insurance applies to goods purchased with credit card at stores and online.
  • It compensates expenses on repair or replacement of durable goods* in case of theft, damage or destruction even if it was done unintentionally by the card holder himself.
  • It applies to most purchases inlc. clothing, sports equipment, tech gadgets etc. for 180 days from the day of the purchase.
  • To claim you need to have purchase document or payment information.

*Durable goods are items with a lifespan of at least 3 years. The lifespan of a product is determined by the manufacturer.

  • Maximum amount per item EUR 1 000
  • Maximum amount per event – EUR 2 000
  • Total insurance amount per year – EUR 4 000
  • Maximum insurance amount for purchases with limited compensation* – EUR 400.

*Computers, computer parts and external devices; mobile phones; glasses, incl. sunglasses; watches; unique items, jewelry (incl. precious stones, precious metals and pearls); items made of fur.

Important information regard to the virus COVID-19

Sickness and travel disruption because of COVID-19 as well as travel restriction due to acts of authorities are not covered by travel Insurance. Pandemic is not over and restrictions in countries can be reset unexpectedly.

  • Many expenses related with unwanted travel changes (flight cancellations, delays, travel interruption etc.).
  • Lost or stolen luggage.
  • Injuries while traveling (incl. skiing, swimming pool accidents etc.).
  • Need of legal assistance.
  • Trip cancellation due to illness.
  • And other situations.
  • Travel insurance will keep you safe from unwanted worries and, most importantly, from unexpected expenses when enjoying your holidays.
  • Travel insurance applies for the cardholder and together travelling his / her family at no extra charge.
  • If you travel with your family just once a year, the travel insurance with Credit Card will pay off.

Mastercard Platinum credit card

Gold revolving credit card

Standard revolving credit card

Credit card fees 16 €/month 3.47 EUR/month 1.44 EUR/month
Insured persons Family members travelling together Family members travelling together Family members travelling together
Insurance cover Sum insured per insured person (€) Sum insured per insured person (€) Sum insured per insured person (€)
Medical assistance (cost) 500 000 EUR 500 000 EUR 50 000 EUR
Insurance cover Sum insured per credit card (€) Sum insured per credit card (€) Sum insured per credit card (€)
Accident insurance 20 000 EUR 10 000 EUR -
Personal belongings (damage, theft) 2500 EUR 1000 EUR -
Travel route / schedule change 3500 EUR 2000 EUR -
Flight ticket change 150 EUR 150 EUR -
Flight delay (over 4 hours) 500 EUR 150 EUR -
Flight delay (over 24 hours) 500 EUR 300 EUR -
Luggage delay (4 hours) 1000 EUR 300 EUR -
Liability insurance 20 000 EUR 10 000 EUR -
Legal assistance 10 000 EUR 1000 EUR -
Bail 5000 EUR 3000 EUR -
Rental car CASCO 40 000 EUR
(excess 250 EUR)
Excess - 30 EUR* -
Coverage Insurance cover applies automatically**.
Validity Valid until the end of the credit card, and for first 3 months of travel. Valid until the end of the credit card, and for first 30 days of travel.
Terms Travel insurance conditions Travel insurance conditions Travel insurance conditions

*Excess applies to insured events related to property insurance, travel itinerary changes and liability and legal assistance insurance.
**The insurance cover enters into Forde since the moment when the card agreement is concluded and remains in force as long as the card agreement continues in force.

Example of a standard annual percentage rate calculation

If you apply for a credit card with granted credit limit – 1500 EUR, when credit agreement period is 42 months, credit repayment period is 4 months, monthly amount of the principal of 375 EUR is paid, also fixed annual credit interest rate of 18% is applied, monthly minimum daily banking fee for private persons as established by the Bank (0,70 EUR per month) is paid, monthly credit card administration fee (3,47 EUR) and one-time card issuing fee (5 EUR) is paid, then, the total consumer credit annual percentage rate would be 23.7 %, and the total amount paid by the consumer loan receiver would be 2578 EUR.

Travel and purchase insurance services are provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance, AS, Lithuanian branch.

Find out in what cases and what goods are covered by the credit card purchase insurance.

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Best choice for your purchases and occasional travels abroad.

Swedbank's best travel insurance, unlimited access to lounges and rental car insurance.

Insure your credit card repayments and get financial safety in case you unexpectedly fall ill or loose your job.

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