“Visa Private Banking” Card

VISA private banking

Exclusive credit card issuing only to reliable private banking customers. The card guarantees the highest level customer care, services and privileges all over the world.

  • The best travel insurance conditions, personal travel planner and "Priority Pass" card will make your journeys first class travel.
  • Exclusive credit conditions provide greater financial freedom.

Maximum travel insurance cover will apply both to the card user, family members travelling together and other persons  - partners, friends and other relatives. With "Visa Private Banking" card" you will benefit from the full cover package: insurance of medical costs, accident, civil liability, legal costs, baggage and travel delay, baggage loss, travel cancellation and interruption. Your travel will be undisturbed and safe.

Travel insurance cover package Benefits, EUR
Medical and repatriation insurance 85 000
Accident insurance 30 000
Civil liability and legal costs insurance 100 000
Baggage and travel delay insurance EUR 40 / hr Maximum amount EUR 500
Travel cancellation and interruption insurance 2 000
Departure delay insurance 1.000
Baggage loss insurance 1 000

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Personal Travel Planning - all you need is to know where you want to go and what you want to see and entrust all preparatory works to the personal travel planner. The specialist will help you to clarify the travel idea prepare and coordinate with you your personal travel plan, make arrangements for visa and other travel documents, book flights, make hotel reservations, provide you with the information you would like to know about the country of visit, consult you in case of contingencies abroad and provide full assistance to you. The  task of your personal travel planner is to do everything to make you journey worth time and money spent  .

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priority pass kortele

"Priority Pass" Card grants access to special VIP-lounges in more than 600 airports. Computers, internet, fax, even conference facilities, try refreshments, convenient recreation places, international press and TV, showers and other conveniences will be at your services in the VIP-lounges. To read more about airports offering these services and benefits visit www.prioritypass.com

Large Credit provides the user of "Visa Private Banking" with the possibility of convenient management of the private finances. Paying for purchases with credit funds you will not need to bother about the transfer of funds to cover the credit, because on the tenth day of the next month the system will automatically transfer the funds from your other accounts with the Bank. Until then no interest will accrue on used credit funds.

Enjoy smooth settlements all over the world in places carrying the logo of "Visa". Having registered in the "Secure internet payment"  programme you will be offered secure e-shopping possibility. Furthermore, you will be able to book travel tickets, make hotel reservations and rent cars.

Main rates and conditions

Card handling fee EUR 160.74 annually
Credit limit Net income of up to 4 months1
Annual credit interest rate 9%
Grace period Up to 40 days2
Credit repayment method Charge2
Required additional bank account with the Bank (to debit the fees) Yes
Quarterly bank account fee3 EUR 0.87

1 Established on individual basis
2 Making card based settlements used credit is repaid on the tenth day of the next month automatically transferring funds from other bank accounts of the customer.  If the funds are insufficient the outstanding credit amount shall be charged interest.
3 The fee is not charged if bank account is linked with debit card  (the card should be valid for the whole chargeable quarter).

Annual percentage rate of charge 22%
Total cost of credit to the consumer EUR 2 392.43

The annual percentage rate of charge and total cost of credit to the consumer are calculated applying the following credit conditions: granted credit limit - EUR 1448.10, agreement period - 42 months, credit maturity - 4 months., applicable fixed annual credit interest rate - 9%, monthly amount of the principal - EUR 362.03. The annual percentage rate of charge and total cost of credit to the consumer are calculated in consideration of the following expenses - card handling fee and bank account handling fees. The calculations are made relying on assumptions normally applied by the Bank to this service. For the purpose of obtaining the credit limit it is necessary to conclude the bank account agreement with the Bank and to open and hold an account with the Bank throughout the entire agreement period.

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