All the amounts indicated here in litas can be converted into euros (and amounts in euros converted into litas) while using this calculator. The official exchange rate as of January 1st, 2015, is 1 EUR = 3.45280 LTL.

Saving, investments and insurance

Guarantees for old age

Swedbank Pension is the opportunity to accumulate individually an additional pension and receive larger income in old age. Contributions to your individual account are transferred from SODRA funds.

Swedbank Pension Plus is the opportunity of voluntarily accumulation of additional pension enabling you to guarantee for yourself sufficient funds necessary to satisfy all your needs in old age. You will also be able to benefit from individual tax income advantage.

Family provision

Child’s fund is a good way to accumulate funds for the future of your child younger than 9 years of age. It enables you to generate additional return from individual income tax advantage. If your child is older than 9 years, you can opt for regular investment.

Life insurance is not only a reliable financial protection in case of accident, but also a profitable investment. This insurance cover will make you feel guaranteed for people you love and will enable you to save funds for realisation of your future plans.

Time deposit is a safe and simple way of saving money, which guarantees to your interest at maturity.

Working money

Savings bonds are debt securities offering guaranteed annual interest rate at maturity. You will also be able to sell bonds prematurely – the longer is the maturity of bonds, the higher will be your profit.

Investment deposit enables earning interest considerably higher than a time deposit. The bank guarantees that it will return 100% of the invested deposit amount at deposit maturity. Deposit interest depends upon fluctuations in value of a respective financial asset (equity price, equity indices, and equity funds), with which a deposit is linked to.

Investment account with tax benefit is an investment life insurance service intended for regular investments and use of tax allowance, concurrently enabling to earn more money without additional problems.

Investment funds are one of the most popular forms of investment in the world comprising money accumulated by many investors and invested by professional fund managers into equities, bonds and other financial assets.

Investment fund portfolio is an investment life insurance service for investors who want to invest actively and change investment lines without incurring additional expenses.

Other investment options

Securities. Having opened a securities account with Swedbank you will be able to invest free funds into selected financial instruments and use services of financial brokers.

Financial derivatives represent solutions providing hedges against risks of fluctuation in prices of raw materials, securities, exchange rates and other financial assets. With the help of these instruments you will have the possibility to exactly plan your income and expenses.

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