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A credit card is convenient for everyday use, like any payment card. At the same time it has additional features – a credit limit which is convenient if you are short of money for a larger purchase or for everyday expenses. Purchase protection will help to reduce losses, if your insured purchase is damaged or lost. Use travel insurance, a Private travel planning service, a Priority Pass card and get to know the world in a more convenient and safe manner. Pay for your purchases on the internet. With contactless credit card you can make contactless payments. All this and other advantages of credit cards can make your life more convenient.

Contactless Fixed payment card Contactless Fixed payment card is suitable when you need money for a larger purchase or unplanned expenses. This card is convenient as a consumer loan or other credits. It is enough to order this card once and when you get it from the bank you will be able to use it for payments with your own money and if you are short of your own money – conveniently use the funds of the credit granted to you. This card is particularly recommended to those who prefer simplicity and stability.

Contactless Classic credit card Contactless Classic credit card – is recommended to those who want to manage their daily finances more effectively. It is useful when you run short of money before payday or when you need money for a more expensive purchase. It is recommended to customers who usually use it in Lithuania and seldom travel abroad.

Contactless Gold credit card Contactless Gold credit card is a prestigious card offered for an attractive price. It is useful to people who often travel abroad.
Contactless New VISA Platinum credit card Contactless "New VISA Platinum" credit card designates a special status of its holder and guarantees excellent service and exclusive benefits both for everyday use and when travelling abroad.

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