Safety instructions

Swedbank internet bank, applies most advanced internet security technologies. However, you may find yourself in danger if you loose your plastic codes card or other person trades on your confidence.

To prevent it, we want you to know and observe the following key internet bank operation security rules.

Key internet bank security rules

  • Keep all your secret codes inaccessible to other persons. Remember: all internet bank login information (user ID, passwords, etc.) is a key to you bank accounts held within Bank.
  • Be watchful and do not succumb to potential psychological pressure. Under no circumstances, nobody has the right to ask/require/demand - neither by phone, nor by email or otherwise - that you shared internet bank codes information with other legal/natural persons.
  • Be always sure that you log in at the right internet address and log off when your internet bank operation session is over.
  • Protect your personal computer’s hardware and software.

What to do in emergencies?

If you lost your internet bank access codes or your password information is compromised, do not hesitate. Make a phone call to us at +370 5 268 4444 or +370 5 268 4820 at any time (since our services are available round-the-clock).

The Bank will immediately block access to your internet bank, and no other persons can use the money kept on your bank account(s) held with our Bank.

Protect your internet bank access codes

  1. Under no circumstances share information on your secret internet bank codes with other persons, including your family members, friends/acquaintances or the Bank’s employees. If you want your family members to manage your money on your bank account(s) held with Swedbank, address the Bank and it will issue internet bank access codes to your chosen persons too.
  2. Keep the passwords card out of reach of strangers and other persons. Never send internet bank access information via email. Do not write your ID number on your codes card. Try to memorize your permanent password so that to avoid writing it down.
  3. Your permanent password is supposed to be hard to guess and consist of illogical set of numbers, letters and signs of punctuation. Telephone numbers, persons' names or other information related with you are unsuitable. For advice on creation of passwords, go to Microsoft’s website.
  4. Change your permanent password immediately if you feel suspicious or in doubt as to other person’s access to your internet bank codes. To do it, go to internet bank menu and click on My choices > Changing of password.

Be watchful and on guard!

You may, sometimes, receive phone calls or letters from alleged ‘Bank employees’ or other ‘officials’ asking you to indicate your secret codes. As a rule such phishing is devised to trick somebody into providing bank or credit-card information by sending fraudulent e-mails purporting to be from a bank, Internet provider, etc. asking for verification of account numbers or passwords.

  1. REMEMBER: Swedbank never sends e-mails to its customers asking them to supply secret internet bank codes information.
  2. internet bank users must not disclose secret internet bank codes information to anybody even if threatened or promised substantial financial reward for it.
  3. internet bank users are encouraged to make phone calls to the Bank (at +370 5 268 4444) and inform it of any suspicious e-mails or phone calls asking them to supply or confirm information on their secret internet bank access codes information.
  4. internet bank users must not click on links indicated in suspicious e-mails, open the accompanying attachments and send replies to them.

For more information on possible fakers’ attempts to cheat you out of password or personal information, go to

Advice on proper operation of internet bank application

  1. Before starting the internet bank program, make sure whether you use the right login address. The link must be encoded, and you can see it from the address which begins with letters https://... Also, an icon Safety instructions is displayed at the bottom of the internet browser’s window. It is a sign of Verisign certificate.
  2. Do not use button "back" at the top of your browser window while you are working in Swedbank internet bank. If you want to go back to the previous window, click the program button "back". If there is no such button, please go to the window by clicking the appropriate menu items.

  3. When you finish internet bank operation session, log off (by clicking on log off sign) and close INTERNET BROWSER (by clicking on Exit). It is a must even if you leave your PC unattended for a while. By keeping to this practice, you will secure yourself against illegal access to your PC (and your bank accounts) by other persons.
  4. If you used internet bank at internet café, library and any other place where internet is installed for public use, change your login password as soon as possible.

Ensure adequate security of your PC

  1. Upgrade/update your operational system and browser so that to have corrections of detected security errors.
  2. Use antivirus programs and other PC security tools which are difficult to crack.
  3. When internet bank operation session is over, delete all temporary files where your personal or financial information might have been stored.

For more information on PC security issues, go to:

  1. Information for Windows operational system’s users
  2. Project "Protect your computer"

Additional security tools

If you hold more money on the bank account(s) with our Bank that is needed for daily transactions, we advise you establishing certain limits to transactions to be performed via your internet bank. According to electronic service agreements between customers and the Bank signed before 31.12.2014, starting from first euro day default daily and monthly limits are recalculated according official exchange rate (1 EUR=3,45280 Lt). Clients, who signed agreement after 01.01.2015, default daily limit will be 1160 EUR.

Daily limits can be increased or decreased at any Swedbank branch office.

Default daily limits can be increased only when generator of identification codes is used.

Checking of digital certificate of internet bank

To know exactly whether you really operate the internet bank program, you must check the Verisign certificate. It's a good precaution given abundance of various imposters, fraudsters and the like who step in computer networks between the users and actual electronic banks.

Checking of Verisign certificate is performed by several clicks with your mouse:

  1. Find an icon Safety instructions displayed at the bottom of the browser’s window.
  2. This sign illustrates that internet bank application has the Verisign certificate. Double click on Safety instructions , and the following information is displayed in the abovementioned:

In addition, make certain whether the certificate is authentic. To do it, click on "Certification path". The following information will appear on the screen:

Certification path

If the sign Safety instructions is absent or the certificate displays a different text, it may be that the page is not secure. In such a case stop operating your internet bank and make a phone call to the Bank (at +370 5 268 4444 or +370 5 268 4820).

For more information, ring up at +370 5 268 4444 or write an e-mail.

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