E-security memo

When developing our online banking systems, we seek to ensure maximum security. However, security in digital environment depends not only on the solutions installed by the bank, but also on the awareness of the user. It is very important to properly protect your computer and mobile phone and use e-services carefully.

Have concerns about security? Let us know!

Call us 24/7 at 1884 (for private clients) or at 1633 (for business clients) if:

  • you have noticed suspicious transactions in your account;
  • you suspect that your internet bank has become accessible to unauthorised persons;
  • you have encountered scammers who are trying to obtain your login details or steal your money.

Notifications on increased cases of fraud are published on www.swedbank.lt in the news section and on the internet bank login page. If we have noticed suspicious activities on your account, we can contact you in person. Remember, however, that the bank's employees will never ask you to provide login details, passwords, PINs or other sensitive information.

What to do in case of losing login details?

If you have lost your online banking login codes or suspect that your login details might be known to unauthorized persons, call us right away at any time. The bank will immediately block your access to your internet bank account and no-one will be able to use the funds held in your account. We accept your calls regarding blocking internet bank 24/7:

  • For private clients: call 1884 (or +370 5 268 4444)
  • For business clients: call 1633 (or +370 5 268 4422)

User rights

When using internet bank, you can:

  • select which accounts you wish to see in your internet bank;
  • set different terms of use for different accounts (e.g. see account information, yet limit the ability to make payments);
  • allow another user to see your account(s) and set certain terms of use.

The company can assign different user rights to its employees and select which accounts can be managed on the online bank, also assign profiles according to transactions allowed in the accounts: information, preparation of payments, making of payments or all services (information, payments and conclusions of a contract).

Payment confirmation by two signatures - an additional option when payments exceeding the limit set by the company have to be additionally confirmed by another user with respective rights.

Transaction limits

You can set daily and monthly limits for each account. Select daily and monthly limits which meet your or your company's needs. Companies, by assigning users to certain profiles, can set limits for each user separately.

Please note that code card user limits for each bank account cannot exceed 1160 Eur per day and 4000 Eur per month. Limits can be changed at any Swedbank unit (please make sure that you have an identity document when visiting the branch).

Additional SMS security codes

Users of code cards have to additionally approve certain actions in "Swedbank" Internet Bank and mobile application.

More information may be found here.

Transaction notifications by SMS messages

Ordering notifications allows you to receive SMS messages when a transaction is made from your account in excess of the limit. It is an excellent tool allowing to control outgoing cash flows.

Ending the browsing session

If there is no activity after 15 minutes of logging in to the online bank, the login session expires. You will be asked to re-enter your login details. Time limits protect the user if the user forgets to log out of the account after finishing work on the online bank.

User blocking after entering incorrect details

If an incorrect password is entered five times when trying to log in to the online bank, access to the user account will be blocked.

Session certificate

All online banking data is encrypted.

Online banking page certificate

Before entering your login details, please make sure that the browser address bar shows a Swedbank online banking address which starts with https://. You will also see icon in the browser window.

When using internet bank on your computer, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Install anti-virus software and select automatic virus database updating (at least one automatic update per day).
  • Install and enable local firewall. It should be configured so that it blocks internet access from your computer.
  • Regularly download and install security upgrades for the software.
  • Use the latest available browser version and operating system.
  • Enable automatic updates of the software.

When using the internet bank on mobile devices (phones, tablets), please adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Only download apps from trusted online stores, such as App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone apps store.
  • Do not try to hack your mobile device in order to bypass the restrictions set by the mobile operator or the device manufacturer. Such actions will eliminate the protection installed on your device.
  • Use the latest available browser version and operating system.

Suspicious emails or calls. Beware!

If you receive a suspicious call or email from a supposed „bank employee“ or „officer“ asking you to disclose secret login details – do not provide such information by any means. Bank employees, law enforcement authorities and other institutions will never contact people asking to disclose online banking details (passwords, codes, etc.). Such tactics is usually used by scammers who want you to give away the necessary information and steal the funds held in the account. Also be careful and do not open suspicious emails which may contain attachments with data-stealing viruses.

  • Never disclose secret login details to anyone.
  • Immediately inform the bank about any suspicious letters or calls.
  • Do not activate links and do not open attachments sent by suspicious emails.
  • Remember – the bank never sends emails asking you to provide user ID, password or code card numbers. The bank also does not send links to webpages which ask you to enter your details.
  • The bank never sends any emails asking you to install additional software to improve the online banking possibilities.

If you have been in a similar situation, please report the event to us by email phishing@swedbank.lt.

Browse safely

  • Be careful with suspicious files. Do not open attachments received from unknown senders if you are not sure that they are safe. Please also be careful when opening files received from known users – their computers can also be infected by a virus or spyware. Most viruses are hidden in files with extensions .exe, .com, .bat, .vb, .vbs, .js, .scr and .pif. Viruses can also be found in Microsoft Office documents; therefore, it is advisable to act with caution and click „No“ when Word asks you if you want to launch a macro (programme script).
  • After ending the online banking session, log out (by clicking „Log Out“) and close the browser.
  • Turn off the computer when not using it. No-one can break into a computer with no internet access.

Protect your internet bank login codes

  • Under no circumstances disclose your secret online banking codes to other persons, including family members, friends or bank employees. If you want to allow your family members manage the funds in your account(s), ask the bank to issue them additional online banking login codes. Please keep in mind that all online banking login details (user ID, codes, passwords, etc.) are the key protecting the access to your money.
  • Keep your code card out of other people's reach. Do not write your ID number on the card.
  • Never send your online banking login details by email.
  • Do not keep your password together with your code card / PIN code generator.
  • Your permanent password should be hard to guess and should consist of an illogical combination of numbers, letters and other symbols. Phone numbers, names and other information related to you should not be used. Select a password which consists of 8-16 symbols.
  • Change your password regularly – preferably, every 40 days.
  • Your PIN code should not be the same as any part of your phone number. Avoid a PIN which is similar to dates.
  • Change your permanent password or PIN code immediately if you suspect that your online banking login details might have been obtained by other persons.

Monitor your account balance

Regularly monitor fund movements in your account. If you have any suspicions, please immediately contact the bank.

Check your computer security

If you want to scan your computer from viruses, you can choose from free online virus scanning software:

Have a safe e-shopping experience

When shopping online, be cautious about your personal and financial data. We recommend always following these safety tips:

  • Buy only in reliable shops. It is always safest to buy goods and services in well-known Lithuanian and foreign e-shops with a good repute. Take a critical approach to unknown sellers and try to find out more information about their activity. The website address of a reliable e-shop starts with https:// and the beginning of the browser address bar is highlighted in green.
  • Be cautious about discounts. You have found a high quality product offered at a particularly low price? Before making a payment order, become certain that the company which offers the product really exists and is trustworthy.
  • Secure payment by card. When shopping in foreign e-shops, the most common mode of payment is by card. In this case you will have to indicate the details of your payment card. Payment security is confirmed by special logos of 3D Secure, Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode, which are displayed on e-shop pages.
  • Secure payment through the e-banking system. When buying in Lithuanian e-shops you will most often be directed to the Swedbank internet bank account. You will recognise it from the Swedbank logo and internet bank address: https://ib.swedbank.lt/banklink. It shows that payment is made directly through the bank system. After you enter your login details, the website will automatically display the generated payment form.
  • Payment intermediaries. If the e-shop directs you to the site of a payment intermediary, be cautious and note where you enter your internet bank login details. If you enter your personal internet bank account details on the site of a payment intermediary rather than on the bank’s webpage, these details will become known by the third party. In certain cases, payment from your internet bank account is made by the intermediary. If this is the case, the bank cannot guarantee the security of data transfer or data storage.

If you have any suspicion of electronic fraud, report to us by phone 1884 (for private customers) or 1633 (for corporate customers).


Identification tools

Select one of the following tools issued by the bank: A PIN code generator or a code card. Additionally, you may use one of the following e-signature forms: mobile signature, e-signature on the Personal Identity card or Centre of Registers USB.

  Code card PIN code generator Mobile signature E-signature with Personal Identity card / CR USB
Limits for each bank account

1160 Eur per day, 4000 Eur per month.

Other limits apply. More information may be found here.

Your preference. Your preference. Your preference.
Smart app / Mobile online bank + + + -
Available abroad + + May not be available in some countries. Available in any country, yet only if the computer has the necessary software installed.
Price Issue – free, replacement – 1.45 Eur 8.69 Eur The service is provided for free by the bank; however, you may be charged by your mobile operator. The service is provided for free by the bank; however, you may be charged by the issuing institution.
Where to buy At a bank branch. At a bank branch. From your mobile operator. Personal identity card here. RC USB here.
Recommended for Private clients who use online banking for everyday needs: checking account information, pay taxes and perform other small transfers. Business clients (for payment confirmation) and private clients performing larger transfers. Smart apps for private and business users. Also for clients performing larger transfers. Business clients (for signing contracts) and private clients performing larger transfers.

We recommend to select an identification measure according to your needs. Regardless of the selected identification measure, never disclose your passwords and other codes to anyone.

Code card

This is a convenient solution if you use your internet bank for everyday needs other than performing large transfers – checking your account balance, paying your utilities and performing other small payments. Limits set if using a code card (1160 Eur daily limit, 4000 Eur monthly limit). The code card is issued free of charge, card replacement costs 1.45 Eur.

Additional SMS security codes

Users of code cards have to additionally approve certain actions in "Swedbank" Internet Bank and mobile application.

  • For code cards issued till 01/01/2016 SMS solution shall be activated from 1st April 2016.
  • For code cards issued after 01/01/2016 SMS solution shall be activated from the date the card is issued.

You will have to additionally enter security code received by SMS when you are making transfers that exceed the following limits:

  One transfer limit One day limit
Money transfers to accounts in other banks  30 euro
150 euro
Money transfers to accounts in Swedbank - 300 euro

You have to additionally enter security code received by SMS message in following cases:

  • money transfers to other banks when the amount exceeds 30 EUR;
  • managing periodic payments and e. invoices;
  •  modification of personal data;
  •  managing SMS code solutions for defined payments.

You be able to switch off SMS codes for beneficiaries saved in your defined payments list. In such cases, additional security code is not have to be required when making payment to beneficiaries, who are saved in your defined payments list.

If the transfer amount does not exceed the amount of 30 euro, you only need the code from your code card.

The instructions for logging in with a code card can be found here.

PIN code generator
This is an electronic device which generates a one-off random code. It is a reliable measure for those who perform many transfers, often travel or manage larger amounts. The operation of the PIN code generator is independent from internet or mobile services; therefore, you can always trust it. Daily and monthly transaction limits can be selected according to your preferences.

PIN code generator costs 8.69 Eur.

Mobile e-signature

This is a safe and convenient measure which does not require carrying around additional devices – a mobile phone (not necessarily a smart phone) is enough. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that the reliability of this service depends on the stability of the mobile network; therefore, there you might get network errors, especially when travelling in „exotic“ countries. You may use mobile e-signature as an additional measure together with other bank-issued identification means (PIN code generator or code cards). In such case you will always have a fallback.

Daily and monthly transaction limits for mobile signature can be selected according to your preferences.

The bank provides the services free of charge; however, you may be charged by mobile operators. If you wish to install a mobile e-signature, please contact your mobile operator.

E-signature on a Personal Identity card / USB

This is an especially safe and convenient identification measure; however, it cannot be used on mobile devices or when using Phone Banking service. In addition, your computer must be set up for using e-signature (ID/USB) and you will only be able to use the e-signature on this particular computer.

When using e-signature, you can set individual limits – there are no restrictions.

The service is provided by the bank free of charge; however, you will need to buy a Personal Identity card reader and enable the e-signature service.

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